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No. 690.


Tuesday, June 17th, 1846.

        H.M. Steam Sloop, Argus, Capt. Purvis having been placed by Vice Admiral Fanshawe, the Naval Commander in Chief, at the disposal of His Excellency the Governor, in order that His Excellency might be enabled to visit the settlements on the coast of this Island and Labrador. His Excellency embarked yesterday morning. They will first proceed to St. George's Bay, and Bay of Islands, afterwards the Harbors and Settlements of Labrador as far as Sandwhich Bay and will return to St. John's by the east coast of this Island, calling at Croque, Fogo, Bonavista and Trinity.

Tuesday, July 8th, 1846.

         H.M. Steamer Argus arrived Thursday the 3rd, from the Westward of this Island and Labrador. His Excellency came on shore immediately after her arrival. After leaving St. John's they proceeded directly to St. George's Bay where the Governor landed and remained a short time. He then went on to the coast of Labrador, and visited every Harbor from Forteau to Cape Charles and Battle Harbor. Thence endeavoured to reach Sandwich Bay, but ice prevented, and obliged return to Cape Charles.
        During his cruise His Excellency took pains to make himself acquainted with the trade and interests of his government, the habits of the people etc., and inspected the principal establishments on the route.



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