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No. 673.


In the Privy Council.

IN THE MATTER of the BOUNDARY between       the   DOMINION   of   CANADA   and   the       COLONY  of   NEWFOUNDLAND  in  the       LABRADOR   PENINSULA.

        I, WILLIAM FREDERICK PENNY of Carbonear, Newfoundland, Stipendiary Magistrate, make Oath and say as follows: —

        1.  For 30 years I was engaged in the fishery business on the Labrador, at Woody Island near Blanc Sablon, and at Bradore which is on Canadian Labrador. At both these places my firm, E. Penney & Sons had establishments for 40 years. I was also for 25 years Lloyd's agent in the Straits of Belle Isle and in that capacity dealt with many shipwrecks.

        2.  From my long experience in the Straits of Belle Isle on both sides of the boundary at Blanc Sablon I say that the people on the Labrador under Newfoundland jurisdiction are better cared for by the Newfoundland Government than those under Canadian Government by the Canadian Government. This is true both as to relief in cases of distress, communication by steamer and by wireless, medical attention and hospitals, facilities for education and the administration of justice.

        3.  As to the boundary at Blanc Sablon, Woody Island is generally regarded as Newfoundland territory while Greenly Island is regarded as west of the boundary and Canadian territory.

SWORN at Carbonear, Newfoundland,                    W. F. PENNY.
   this 16th day of March 1926

Before me,                   



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