The Labrador Boundary

Privy Council Documents

Volume III

[20 May,

Enacting Clause.

Licence Act, 1875, and other Acts extended to Labrador.

Granting of Licenses.

Requisites of application.


Selling liqour afloat.

Sale to Esquimaux.


p. 1623                                          N

No. 666.


C.O. 196/8.  NEWFOUNDLAND ACTS, 45 Victoria, Cap VIII.

An Act representing the sale of intoxicating liqours on the Coast of Labrador.
[Passed 20th May, 1882.]

1. Licence Act, 1875, and other Acts
     extended to Labrador.
2. Granting Licences.
3. Requisites of Application.
4. Fees
5. Selling liquor afloat.
6. Sale to Esquimaux.
7. Jurisdiction

        Be it enacted by the Administrator of the Government, Council and Assembly, in Legislative Session convened, as follows: —

        1.  The Licence Act of 1875, and the Act entilted “An Act to amend the “License Act, 1875,” passed in the present session of the Legislature, are declared subject to the provisions of this Act to extend and apply to the Coast of Labrador, with the exception of the following sections, that is to say: III, IV, V, VI, and VIII, of the first recited Act.

        2.  A Stipendiary Magistrate within his District may, at any time during the month of May or June in any year, grant a license to any person approved by him, resident within his jurisdiction, to sell intoxicant liquors on the coast of Labrador, which license shall be in force until the end of the then current fishing season, and no longer.

        3.  Every application for a license shall specify the particular premises upon which the business, in respect of which the License is sought, is to be carried on, and the License issued thereon, shall in all cases specifically limit the operation thereof to such described premises, and no license shall be issued authorizing the sale of liquors by the same person in any more than one harbor or place, or for more than one premises in any harbor or place.

        4.  License Fees, for the Coast of Labrador, shall be fixed by the Licensing Magistrate, and shall not be less than fifty dollars.

p. 1624

        5.  If any person shall be convited of selling intoxicating liquors upon the Coast aforesaid, elsewhere than on shore, he shall incur a penalty of not less than One Hundred Dollars.

        6.  No intoxicating liquors shall be sold, given or delivered to any Esquimaux Indian, under a penalty of Two Hundred Dollars.

        7.  Any Stipendiary Magistrate, anywhere, or any Justice of the Peace upon the Coast of Labrador, shall have cognizance of any offence under this Act.



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