p. 1607                                          N

No. 653.


CIRCULAR.                                           Secretary's Office,
31st May, 1869.  


      I am directed by the Governor to acquaint you that His Excellency in Council has been pleased to appoint you take the Census of that portion of the District of           specified in the margin; and that this duty is entrusted to you in the confident expectation that by a zealous and careful discharge of it you will justify His Excellency's selection.
      It is unnecessary to point out to you the great importance of the returns being made perfectly accurate, but I am more particularly to call your attention to the case of servants who may be employed during the fishing season in your District, but whose usual domicile may be in some other; you will therefore in every such case take pains to ascertain the probability of any such servant being included in the Return of the District in which he resides, and where any doubt may exist on this point you will note the same.
      Under the head of “Miscellaneous” you will insert any circumstances of an interesting character which you may consider deserving of being recorded.
      You will receive herewith a copy of the Act under which the Census is taken, with a sufficient quantity of the Tabular forms to enable you to prepare your returns, as well that which is to be transmitted to this office as to furnish copies to the Clergy of the several denominations to whom you will see they must be sent at least ten days previously to being submitted to the Court of Revision; the time and place of holding the Court you will also see you are to communicate to them.
      You will perceive by the Act that before entering upon the duty in question you are to be duly sworn before a justice of the Peace faithfully to discharge the same, and that the Magistrates by whom the returns are to be revised are to be specially appointed by the Governor.
      The service may be commenced some time in June and the Returns must be forwarded to me by the first of September next.
      Your particular attention is called to the latter point.
I am, &c.                 
(Signed)    J. BEMISTER.  
To the persons appointed to take the Census
      in the Outports except in Harbour Main,
      Brigus, Port de Grave, Harbour Grace
      and Carbonear.

p. 1608

      Arrangements for taking Census of the Population under Act:—

      Carbonear Electoral District to be delivered into two divisions No. 1 to extend from Freshwater, exd. to Carbonear River Head (Stephen B. Pike).
      No.2 2, from Carbonear River Head to Mosquito South Point (Richard McCarthy).

      Bay de Verde Electorial District to be divided into five divisions:—

      No. 1 to extend from Freshwater to Perry's Cove both included (Samson B. Parsons).
      No. 2 from Spout Cove to Adams Cove, both included (Wm. Butt).
      No. 3, Western Bay & Bradley's Cove (Pierce Hanrahan).
      No. 4, Ochre Pit Cove to Job's Cove, both included (Josiah Garland).
      No. 5, Redlands to Caplin Cove both included (John Louis).
      No. 6, from Caplin Cove to Spit Point (James Moors).

      Port de Grave Electorial District to be divided into three Divisions:—

      No. 1, from Turks Gut to Goulds Road including Brigus (Joseph Cozens) sent 16th October.
      No. 2, from Cupids to Northern Gut Bridge, both included (Tobias Hackett) sent 16th October.
      No. 3, from Northern Gut Bridge to Port de Grave, including (Northern Gut, Bareneed) (John M. Maddock) sent 16th October.

      Harbour Main Electorial District to be divided into two Divisions:—

      No. 1, From Horse Cove to Norther Side Holyrood) both included (George Carter) Sent 16th October.
      No. 2, from North Side of Holyrood to South Side Turks Gut included (Wm. Holden, Esq.) sent 16th October.

      Trinity Electorial District to be divided into six Divisions:—

      No. 1, from Spit Points to Hants Harbour both included (Wm. Christian).
      No. 2, from Scilly Cove to Dildo Cove both included (R. Bemister).
      No. 3, from Spread Eagle to Random East Head, including S.W. & N.W. Arms (Wm. Collins).
      No. 4, from Random East Head to Trinity including Smiths Sound, and all Islands (George Slade Field).
      No. 5, Trinity to Horse Chops both included.
      No. 6, Horse Chops to Cape Bonavista including Bird Island Cove (George Manuel).

p. 1609

      Bonavista Electoral District to be divided into six Divisions:—

      No. 1, from Cape Bonavista to Knights Cove (S. Rowsell).
      No. 2, Knights Cove to and including Western Head (Pat Murphy).
      No. 3, from Western Head to and including Southward Bay (Ned Shears).
      No. 4, Barrow Harbour, Salvage Bay and adjacent Settlements (James Burden).
      No. 5, Salvage excluded to Cape Freels inclusive (J. T. Oakley).
      No. 6, Southward Bay to and including Musgrave Town & Long Islands.

      Twillingate and Fogo Electoral District to be divided into six Divisions:—

      No. 1, from Cape Freels to Gander Bay (inclusive) (J. Wheeler).
      No. 2, Fogo, Indian and Can Islands (Jas. Fitzgerald).
      No. 3, Change Islands (John Janes).
      No. 4, Twillingate & Herring Neck (J. B. Blandford).
      No. 5, Gander Bay, ex. to New Bay ex. taking in Wizzards Harbour, Mortons Harbour, Black Island, Exploits Bay, Waldron Cove, Fortune Harbour and Hurry Bight (Peyton).
      No. 6, New Bay to Cape John both inc. taking in Leading Tickles (Stephen Knight).

      Ferryland Electorial District to be divided into two Divisions:—

      No. 1, Goulds Bridge to La Manche Bridge (Thos. Driscoll).
      No. 2, La Manche Bridge to Cape Race (P. Flannery).

      Placentia & St. Mary's Electoral District to be divided into five divisions:—

      No. 1, from Cape Race to Colinet thence to Dog Bay, including Islands (J. Murphy).
      No. 2, from Dog Bay exclusive to Gut of Great Placentia (G. Bradshaw).
      No. 3, Gut of Great Placentia taking the North East Arm of Great Placentia and Freshwater to Little Placentia inc. (T. Freeman).
      No. 4, Marquise Beach Little Placenta [sic] ecd. to Pipers Hole thence to Clatis Harbour, including Isle Valen and the other islands within that Division (Alex Burke).
      No. 5, Clatis Harbour to Rashoon including Islands within the Division (Hugh Hegarthy).

      Burin Electorial District to be divided into three Divisions:—

      No. 1, Fron Rushoon to Port au Bras, both included (James Harvey).
      No. 2, From Port au Bras to Lawn inclusive (Henry Benning).
      No. 3, From Lawn to Garnish inclusive (J. Blackhurn).

      Fortune Bay Electoral District to be divided into two Divisions:—

      No. 1, Great Garnish included to Connaigre Bay (Geo. J. R. Snelgrove).
      No. 2, From Connaigre Bay included to Bonne Bay (Henry Camp).

p. 1610

      Burgeo & La Poile Electoial District to be divided into threee Divisions.

      No. 1, Bonne Bay to Wuck Island including all Islands (John Jordan).
      No. 2, Wuck Island to Indian Harbour both included (Fras. Reid).
      No. 3, Garia included to Cape Ray (John Hooper).

      Fron [sic] Cape Ray to Quirpon & Fron [sic] Quirpon to Cape St. John.
      From L'Ance Sablon to Cape Charles (Messrs. Pinsent & Knight).
      From Cape Charles to Cape Chudley (Messrs. Pinsent & Knight).

      Copy of the Census Act to be sent to each person employed to take the Census, with printed books for returns, and directions to commence in June and proceed to take the Census until they are completed say by September, except in St. John's, Harbor Main, Brigus, Port de Grave, Harbor Grace, and Carbonear Districts where they can be taken in October and November.
      Copy of Act also to be sent to all Clergymen & to Stipendiary Magistrates and others to be appointed Revising Magistrates.

No. 654.                                        N


Page 127, No. 5 RECORD BOOK, E, MINUTES OF COUNCIL, 1869 to       Jany. 18, 1874.
May 27th, 1871.   

      Proposed that the Labrador Mail Steamer do perform her first trip as recommended by Chamber of Commerce and that Mail Master report on his return as to the practicability of increasing the number of Ports of Call or otherwise. Service to commence on the 15th day of July and not to exceed two months. Adopted—subject to amendments.



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