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No. 649.



Secy's. Office,          
5th August, 1867.  
      The Government having determined for the benefit of the Commercial Body, to send the “Ariel” on her next cruize North (with the local mails) from the terminal port of Twillingate to the Coast of Labrador, had been pleased to appoint you to be the Mail Officer on board to have charge of all Letters &c. intended for that part of this Colony.
      Your duty will be in addition to procure and furnish the Government with a careful statement of the quantities of fish taken at each Harbour at which you touch and also of the state and prospects of the fishery generally along the Coast of Labrador.
      I enclose a printed notice for your information and guidance showing the different places at which you are to call, and the order to be observed in carrying out your duties.
      You will stop at each of the terminal ports two hours, but the Govt. hope that at most of the other Harbours, one hour will be found sufficient but you will in no case exceed the two hours.
      The Govt. would be glad, if time permit, for you to proceed to Rigolette, the nearest station of the Hudson's Bay Company, which contribute to our Revenue, but you will be better able to judge as to your doing so, when you arrive at Indian Harbour.
      It will be necessary for the “Ariel” to be back in St. John's in time to take the presiding Judge of the Northern Circuit to Twillingate in time to open Court at that place on 9th September.
      A number of notices in the enclosed form will be furnished to you by the Postmaster General, and you will leave one or more copies at each Harbour at which you call for the information of the Labrador Merchants and Agents.
      The “Ariel” will call on returning at Twillingate and the other, ports as per contract.
(Signed) J. BEMISTER.  
Thomas E. Gaden, Esq., etc., etc.



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