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No. 627.


      (RIGOLET) LETTER BOOK 1875-1882, p. 489.
Rigolet, 30th July, 1881.  
Hon. E. D. Shea,
      Colonial Secretary,
            St. John's, Newfoundland.
      I have the honor to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated the 10th November, 1880, in which you complain of my having represented to Captain Hall of H.M.S. “Flamingo” that a certain person residing in this Bay stood in need of assistance. I certainly wrote a letter to Captain Hall somewhat to that effect, and am prepared to forward a copy of that letter if you wish it. At the same time, considering the large amount of duties collected in this Bay by the Government, I cannot see that I was exceeding my duty in that instance.
      You also say that in future my expenditure must be vouched for by Official Authority &c. &c. I shall therefore feel particularly obliged if you will inform me who to apply to at your earliest convenience, as I know of no one residing on this coast who is so authorised. If there should, however, be any one, I can only say that they are very remiss in their duties, as no enquiries are made that I am aware of as to cases requiring relief. Furthermore I have to inform you that vessels have been permitted to leave Newfoundland this Spring bringing down the measles here, and several families have been and are now so prostrated with sickness as to be totally unable to attend to their Salmon Fisheries. So that I have to request an answer to this to enable me to make application in time to the Official Authorities should it be necessary to obtain relief.
*                   *                   *                     *
I have the honor to be, Sir,                 
Your obedient servant,              



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