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No. 623.


RECORD BOOK, ST. JOHN'S, NEWFOUNDLAND.  Volume 57, page 216.

Secretary's Office,          
28th August, 1879.  
      I have the honor to acknowledge your letter of the 14th inst., to His Excellency the Governor relating to Labrador matters generally and in particular to apprehended distress in your own immediate neighbourhood.
      His Excellency is now about embarking in H.M. Steamer “Druid” to visit Labrador and will go direct to Rigoulet.
      In view of your request for assistance for the poor at Rigoulet, we are sending by the “Druid” Fifty Barrels Flour and two puncheons of Molasses, to be placed in your charge and management for the relief of the necessitous in such measure as you may deem proper, according to their wants.
      The practice is in cases of what are termed able bodied recipients of relief from Public founds, to require from them a return in labor, or value of some sort for the benefits of roads or other public works. If you dispense to any persons of this able bodied class, it would be well to seek from them such a compliance with this condition as you may see practicable and useful. The principal object of the condition is to prevent injuries that arise from gratuitous pauper relief.
      It may be that with you the applicants will be chiefly those who are unable to give any return for aid received, in which cases of course it would be idle to propose it.
      Capt. Kennedy of the “Druid” has a dedimus authorizing to administer to you the oaths of J.P.

I have, & c.,                            
E. D. SHEA, Col. Sec.
Matthew Fortescue, Esqr., J.P.,
          Rigoulet, Labrador.



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