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No. 619.


In the Privy Council.

IN THE MATTER of the BOUNDARY between       the   DOMINION   of   CANADA   and   the       COLONY  of   NEWFOUNDLAND  in  the       LABRADOR   PENINSULA.

        I, EDWARD ROBERT BURGESS of Balsam Place, Barnes Road St. John's Newfoundland make Oath and say as follows:

      1.  I am a native of Halifax, Nova Scotia, have resided in Newfoundland since 1882, and was a member of the Newfoundland Legislature for Twillingate District from November 1889 to 1893.

      2.  In the spring of 1891 I was appointed Collector of Customs for Labrador, which position I held for 12 years and each summer cruised up and down the coast in a schooner, which was hired for the purpose, collecting duties on behalf of the Colony.

      3.  I collected duties on all imports into the region, principally from the Hudson's Bay Company, which in those days was the only business concern importing largely from foreign countries, though smaller imports were made by other people.

      4.  The Hudson's Bay Company paid duties through its post at Rigolet or Cartwright (whichever at the time was its headquarters in Labrador) for all the stations it maintained there—Cartwright, Northwest River, Rigolet, Nachvak, and Davis' Inlet.

      5.  I visited Northwest River on several occasions and saw the Indians there, who used to come out from the interior and trade at the post. In

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those days the only permanent residents were those attached to the Company's post, until Alfred Dickie of Stewiake, started his lumber mill near there about 20 years ago.

      6.  Nobody during the years I was on the coast ever questioned the right of the Newfoundland Government to levy duties on imports into Labrador or disputed the duties I assessed upon the goods, nor did I ever hear of any dissatisfaction with the Newfoundland Government or any desire by the resident people to be transferred to Canadian jurisdiction.

      7.  Whenever distress existed among the residents on the coast I arranged for relief for them. Before leaving each fall I took care to ensure that sufficient stores were available at the chief centres to enable all the needs in this respect to be met.

      8.  If I thought necessary I authorized the Hudson's Bay Company to furnish relief on account of the Newfoundland Government, and I am not aware of the Company ever having provided relief from its own stores without charging the Newfoundland Government for the same.


SWORN at St. John's Newfoundland
     this 1st day of April 1926.

                  ROBERT ALSOP
Commissioner Supreme Court of Newfoundland.

No. 620.


Vide. Part VIII E, No. 547, p. 1485.



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