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No. 612.


IN THE MATTER OF the Enquiry into the New-
foundland Territorial Rights on the Labrador.

Labrador, North West River, to wit:

      I, JOSEPH GOUDY of North West River aforesaid, make oath and say as follows:

      I am 73 years of age, 70 of which I have lived in this Bay, about 140 miles from the sea coast. I have been a fisherman, hunter and trapper all my lifetime. I have gone into the interior hunting and trapping when I was a young man, but not so far in as my sons go now. There was no necessity then, as fur bearing animals were much nearer. My sons, Allan aged 36 and Charles aged 34, go in regularly every winter a distance of between two and three hundred miles. They have got a house in there, and stay there all the Winter season and come out in the spring; nearly all the young men residing about here, and farther on, do the same to my certain knowledge. I own a range of houses and traps for a distance of about 30 miles inland. My house, outhouses and gardens, in all about a couple of acres, I have occupied for over 60 years. I have always paid Customs duties to the Government of Newfoundland on all that I bought or purchased. I remember when Judge Sweetland visited Rigolet and held Court there. I also knew Judge Pinsent, and also Mr. Winter, the Collector of Customs, who came with the Court. I have paid duties to the Government of Newfoundland ever since duties have been collected. Although residing up here in the interior of the Labrador, I have always considered myself a citizen of Newfoundland, and subject to its laws and government. It is Newfoundland laws we have to go by. I have never had anything to do with Canada, nor any persons representing the Government of Canada, have never paid any duty to them, and have never obeyed any of their laws or rules and regulations.

(Sgd)   JOSEPH   X   GOUDY.  

SWORN before me at North West River aforesaid,
   this 10th day of Sept. A.D. 1909. Having been
   first read over and explained.
          (Sgd)  F. J. MORRIS,
Judge, Court Labrador.



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