p. 1557                                          N

No. 609.


IN THE MATTER OF the Enquiry into the New-
foundland Territorial Rights on the Labrador.

Labrador, Jack Lane's Bay, to wit:

      I, SAMUEL JAMES BROMFIELD, of Jack Lane's Bay aforesaid, make oath and say as follows:—

      I was born in Grois Water Bay in 1852. My father was an Englishman from Dartmouth, England. I came to Jack Lane's Bay 34 years ago. I have been fishing and trapping ever since. I have gone into the interior trapping every winter, a distance of about 50 miles. I have paid revenue to the Government of Newfoundland ever since revenue was collected on the Labrador, and have been obeying its laws and recognized myself as a citizen of Newfoundland and under the jurisdiction of its Government. I have never had anything to do with any Canadian officers and have traded with Newfoundland traders and the Mission traders and no one else, and nobody has ever interfered with me in my rights as a resident of Labrador. I have never heard that Canada had any claim or made any claim to the interior of the Labrador.

SWORN before me at Jack Lane's Bay afore-
   said this 25th day of August A.D. 1909.
          (Sgd)  F. J. MORRIS,
Judge of Court of Labrador.



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