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No. 604.



Report of Mr. M. T. Knight of Labrador Revenue Service for 1870.

Custom House,                    
St. John's,              
31st December, 1870.
      I beg respectfully to submit the following report of the proceedings connected with the collection of revenue on the eastern coast of Labrador, for the past season.
*                     *                     *                     *
      July 26th.   Arrived at Rigolette, in Esquimaux Bay. At this place the Hudson Bay Company have a branch establishment and an agent.
*                     *                     *                     *
      The following morning went up the bay in search of a trader, and came to anchor at Mullyhawk, alongside the schooner “Mayflower,” Rood, master from Halifax.
*                     *                     *                     *
      The next day again anchored at Rigolette. Agust the third: went to double Mare Inlet in ship's boat, and found schooner “Repeal,” of Halifax; received dutires accompanied with a letter of credit from his merchant guaranteeing payment of a draft when presented.
      August 8th.   Went to Mullin's Cove. Here Judge held Court. Returned to Rigolette next day.
      August 11th.   The mail steamer “Hawk” arrived at Rigolette. Hear that the steamer “Labrador” had left London on 1st June, for Mingan. The agent at Rigolette was getting anxious on account of the non-arrival of his supplies. Having waited some days longer I proceeded north as far as Indian Harbor, at which place I arrived on the 27th August.
*                     *                     *                     *
      September  1st.   Again arrived at Rigolette.
      September 4th.   Received information this morning from Cartwright to the effect that steamer “Labrador,” so long expected at this place, was on

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shore and badly damaged at St. Augustine, the Cartwright side of the Straits of Belle Isle.
      This disaster caused considerable loss and incovenience to the Honble. Hudson Bay Company, and disappointment to myself, not only the loss of time occasioned by anticipating that vessel's arrival, but also the loss of duties on such an amount of supplies as was expected to be cleared.
*                     *                     *                     *
      September 9th.  Arrived at Cartwright, received duties on importations to date; at noon left for Gready; that evening anchored off Long Island; next morning was obliged to go to S.E. Cove, wind blowing furiously from North. Here I was detained until the 13th September; in the meantime the Judge transacted some Court business.
      September 19th.  At Bolton's Rocks. At this palce the Judge transacted some business.
      September  20th.  At Venison Tickle.
*                     *                     *                     *
      At this place, as at every other harbor to Cape Harrison, I found the cod and herring fisheries almost a total failure.
      September 24th.  At Salt Pond, walked to Murray and Spear Harbors. At Murray's Harbor was an arichat vessel chartered by Mr. D. Green of Harbor Grace, and at Mechlenburg was a Quebec vessel chartered by Mr. Edwin Duder; the one had arrived from St. John's, the others from Twillingate.

I am, Sir,
Your obedient servant,                    
M. T. KNIGHT,                       
Collector H.M.C. Labrador.    
The Honble. Thomas Glen,
    Receiver General,



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