The Labrador Boundary

Privy Council Documents

Volume III

[13 April,

Governor to appoint Revenue Officers.

p. 1530                                          N

No. 588.

27 VICT C. ii.

An Act to Amend and Consolidate the Laws of the Customs.
(Passed 13th April 1864).  
      Whereas it is expedient to amend and consolidate the Laws for the Establishment of a Board of Revenue, and for the Regulation, Management, and Collection of all Duties granted to Her Majesty, Her Heirs and Successors, Dependencies, and to Repeal certain Acts relating thereto.
      Be it therefore enacted, by the Governor, Legislative Council and Asssembly in legislative Session convened, as follows:—
*                     *                    *                    *
      4.  It shall be lawful for the Govenor in Council to appoint proper persons to execute the duties of the several officers necessary to the due collection and management of the Revenue now levied, or which hereafter may be levied, on Goods, Wares and Merchandize imported into this Island and its Dependencies, that is to say:—
      The Receiver General at St. John's who shall superintend the Collection, Receipt, and payment of all the said Revenue, and shall have under his direction and control—
*                     *                    *                    *
Collector for the Labrador, and his Sub-Collectors.



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