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No. 573.



      Copy of Commission to James Tobin, Esq., as Preventive Officer, St. George's Bay.

Copy.     By His Excellency Sir John Gaspard Le Marchant, Knight,
and Knight Commander of the Orders of St. Ferdinand
and of Charles the Third of Spain, Governor and Com-
mander-in-Chief in  and over the  Island of Newfound-
                    land and its Dependencies.

      Whereas it is advisable and expedient that an officer in the Preventive Service of the Colonial Revenue should be appointed at and for St. George's Bay, and all other ports and places on the Western coast of this island, and on the coast of Labrador within the Government of this island, as well for the convenience of persons in trade, as for securing the due payment and collection of the duties payable on the importation of Goods, Wares and Merchandize into this Island and its Dependencies:—
      I, the Governor of Newfoundland do therefore appoint you, James Tobin Esquire to be Preventive Officer in the service of the Colonial Revenue for the ports and places aforesaid, with full power and authority as such Officer to admit, according to the Rules and Forms by Law provided, all ships and vessels to entry and clearance at any of the ports aforesaid, and to admit to entry and importation or to exportation, in customary form and manner, all such goods and merchandize as may be lawfully imported into or exported from the Island of Newfoundland or its dependencies; on due payment to you of the duties payable by law, on such goods and merchandize; and for which duties, and all your proceedings herein, you shall duly account at such times and according to such rules and forms as shall from time to time be prescribed unto you by the Collector of Her Majesty's Revenue at St. John's, and for the execution of the duties of your office in the premises this shall be your Warrant.

James Tobin Esq.
To be Preventive Officer,
St. George's Bay.
                Given, etc. 10th May, 1850.
                By His Excellency's command.
                    Signed      JAMES CROWDY.

      Letter from the Preventive Officer at St. George's Bay to the Collector of Revenue at St. John's.
Saint George's Bay.   
12th October 1850.   



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