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No. 19                                                              4th June, 1842.
      I had the honor to receive your Lordship's despatch No. 46 of the 20th March last, and having referred the same and its enclosures to the Attorney General I now beg to transmit that Officers report thereon, together with the copy of one previously made by the Collr. of the Customs on the same subject and which was forwarded to Lord Jno. Russell in my predecessors despatch No. 40 of the 7th May 1841.
      Prior to the Establishment of a Legislature in this Colony, a Court consisting of a Judge, Clerk and Sheriff existed for the Labrador Coast, and which Court held an annual Circuit during the Summer months.
      In 1834 this Court was abolished by an Act of the Legislature and no substitute for it has yet been provided.
      In 1840 a Bill intituled “An Act to provide for the collection of the Revenue and for the execution of the process of the Supreme Court of Nwfld. on the Coast of Labrador and the Islands thereunto adjoining, was sent up to the Council by the House of Assembly, but did not pass, and was not renewed in the succeeding session.
      Whilst I cannot doubt that such portion of the Labrador Coast as is by Act of Parliament and the Commissions to the several Governors included within the limits of this Government, is subject to the duties imposed by our annual Revenue Act, which extends them to the “dependencies” of the Colony, I at the same time feel that the absence of any legal tribunal in that part of my Government is a hardship on its Inhabitants, and to which I trust the Legislature when again in Session will be able to apply a remedy.
      I avail myself of the occasion to inform your Lordship that it is my intention to visit Labrador during the present season in the event of the naval Commander in Chief's furnishing me with a Ship of War for that purpose.
I have &c.             
(Signed)   J. HARVEY.    
The Right Honble. Lord Stanley,
        &c.   &c.   &c.



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