The Labrador Boundary

Privy Council Documents

Volume III

[10 Sept.,

Vide Humes Customs Laws, Edition 1836, page 560.

And Acts passed subsequent to 18 Geo. 3, C. 12.

p. 1510                                          N

No. 570.
[Enclosure 5 in No. 565.]

No. 16.                                       Custom House, St. John's,
Newfld. 10th Sept. 1829.    

      We acknowledge your letter No. 13 of the 6 June last acquainting us that Mr. William Langley had presented a Memorial praying to be remunerated for his services in collecting the duties on the Coast of Labrador, and that he has been paid £50 on account of his services and was at liberty to lay before the Honble Board through us a statement of any other claims which lie may consider he has on the Revenue for collecting the duties in question; and directing us to report whether we are satisfied that the sums paid to us were the whole amount of duties and whether the parties passed regular entries with him previously to the duties being paid &c.
      In reply we respectfully acquaint your Honors that Mr. Langley's character was well known to us long before he was employed in the service of the Revenue, and had we not been satisfied of his integrity we should not have placed such confidence in him—he on his return from the Labrador always laid before us the Cockets and other Documents granted for the Cargoes imported there, for our inspection; therefore we feel assured that he has fully accounted for all the duties collected by him. We are not prepared to say whether the parties passed regular entries with him previously to the duties being paid. Respecting the nature of the Trade carried on upon that Coast we humbly beg leave to refer your Honor to our letter No. 14 of the 10 November 1826 wherein we gave all the information in our power on that subject and which we derived from Mr. Langley who having for several years been engaged in the Fishery on that Coast possesses as to the nature and extent of the Trade. We think the amount of imports annually may be estimated at from Twenty to Twenty thousand pounds, and as we cannot pretend to say what the probable amount of the Revenue may be, we acquaint your Honors that in the three years Mr. Langley has been employed, his collections amount to £585 18. 11 and out of that sum his last years collection amounted to £359 4. 8. Should your Honors deem it expedient to sanction the employment of an Officer on the extensive Coast, we think the duties could not be efficiently collected by a stationery Officer as from the great distances of many of the Establishments from each other it would be impossible for him to ascertain whether due entries were made of all the Cargoes imported therefore if an Officer be employed he would require a vessel of about 50 Tons burthen with four men at the least, and if a vessel of that description were hired for the express purpose of the Revenue we think the expense may be estimated at £50 per month, which for the time it would be necessary to employ her would amount to about £250 the season.
      Touching the check of such Officer we can suggest no other than those that he should be required to render accounts to us according to the Forms No. 62 & 63 of the Imports and exports, and to deliver to us all the Cockets

p. 1511

and other Documents granted for the Cargoes imported, for our inspection. Enclosed you will receive an account of the claims made by Mr. Langley on the Revenue and we deem it necessary to observe that the charges made by him for the Boat and crew are estimated so low in consequence of the Boat being his own and the crew consisted of men employed by him in the Fishery which charge appears to be estimated according to the time he was deprived of their services, and he appears to have charged the salary at the rate of that of the Sub-Collectors at the time of his appointment.
(Signed)   A. H. BROOKING, Collr.    
GEO. BAYLY, Contr.          

No. 571.                                        N
[Enclosure 6 in No. 565.]

No. 16
      Statement shewing the amount of duties of Customs levied on the Coast of Labrador in each of the undermentioned years, distinguishing those duties which were levied under the Acts of the Imperial Parliament from those levied under Acts of the local Legislature.

Years.    Imperial.        Colonial.
  £174  4  3
      52  0  3
    361 16 2
  No Officer employed.

      91  3  8¼
    124  9 11
      61  4  2
  No Officer employed.
        1840        69  10  10     £186  0    6
      The Imperial Acts are those passed prior to 18 Geo. 3 C. 12 commonly called the Act of Declaration, viz., 4 G 3 Cap. 15 duties on certain Wines 6 Geo. 3 Cap. 52 duties on Molasses, Syrups and pimento, 14 G. 3 Cap. 58 duties on Spirits.
   6 G. 4 Cap. 114
3 & 4 W. 4 Cap. 59
  Imposing duties on goods generally.
      The Colonial Duties are levied under the Annual Colonial Revenue Acts, embracing the Island of Newfoundland and the Dependencies of its Government.



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