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No. 560.                                         N
[Enclosure 5 in No. 555.]

Attorney General's Office          
22 June 1837.  
      In obedience to the directions of His Excellency the Governor conveyed to me in your letter of yesterday's date I have the honor to acquaint you for the information of His Excellency, that having carefully considered the facts and circumstances set forth in the Statement of the Case of the Brig Visiter (Luscomb) made by the officers of Customs, under date of the 21 Inst. I am humbly of opinion that in such a Case under the 16 Sec. of the Act 3 & 4 W. 4. C. 59 this port of St Johns may properly be considered the port of that Vessel's arrival within this Colony, the Vessel being bound and goods cocketed and cleared at Liverpool (England) for Newfoundland and Labrador, the latter being a dependency of this Government, and therefore that the Officers of H.M. Customs are justified in requiring the Goods on board the Visiter destined for importation into this Colony, to be entered and duties paid at the Customs of this Port.
I have &c.               
(Signed)   JAMES SIMMS.    

No. 561.                                        N
[Enclosure 6 in No. 555.]

       Custom House
Custom House, St John's                       
Newfoundland, 29 Dec. 1837.  
      We have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your letter (No. 43) of the 31 October last, in reply to ours of the 25 July preceding (No. 34) respecting the duty to be charged by us on certain goods imported in the Vessel “Visitor” from Liverpool and directing us to report whether the Master of the Vessel in question upon his arrival reported his cargo for Labrador or for Saint Johns.
      In compliance with your directions we beg to state that the Master of the above named Vessel on his arrival here reported his Cargo for Labrador.
We have &c.                          
(Signed)   E. F. STEWART,          
Actg Coll.       
GEO. BAYLY, Comp.     



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