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No. 554.


C.O. RECORDS, 194/111, Nfld. 951.
Government House St John's,          
Newfoundland 7th May 1841.    
      I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your Lordship's Despatch of 4th of March No. 97 and in reply I must in the first place beg leave to bring under your Lordship's notice my letter of May 24th 1836 No. 31 and Lord Glenelg's answer thereto of the 29th of June 1836 No. 81. The Memorial of certain Merchants addressed to your Lordship on which my Report is now required refers to Lord Glenelg's said letter and impugns His Lordship's reasoning, but until I am better informed I must believe that every part of this Government, in which a large portion of the Labrador Coast is included, is subject to the Laws whether fiscal or otherwise of the Colonial Legislature by an early act of which the Labrador Court which had existed for several years was abolished in June 1834.
      The accompanying copy of a letter from the Collector of the Customs dated the 20th of May 1840 will explain to Your Lordship the circumstances under which Mr. Rendell was appointed Sub-Collector on the Labrador Coast during the last Summer. The machinery of collection was doubtless imperfect and the receipts were not large. Many who ought to have paid duties may have evaded that obligation—but nothing, I conceive, was exacted that was not strictly due.
      Having referred your Lordship's Despatch with its accompanying Documents to the Collector of the Customs I append his Report thereupon.
I have &c.                     
(Signed)   H. PRESCOTT.    


SIR,                                                                         4 March/41.
      I transmit to you, herewith, the copy of a Memorial which has been addressed to me by the Merchants engaged in the Fisheries at Labrador, complaining of an attempt made by the Authorities of Newfoundland to exact payment of duties on that coast; and I have to request that you will favor me with a Report on this subject.
I have &c.                 

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