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No. 547.


In the Privy Council.

      the   DOMINION   of   CANADA   and   the
      COLONY  of   NEWFOUNDLAND  in  the

      I, FRANCIS CYRUS BERTEAU of St. John's, Newfoundland, Comptroller and Auditor General of Newfoundland, make Oath and say as follows:—

      1.  In 1881 I was appointed by the Newfoundland Government Collector of Customs at Rigolet and Magistrate for Labrador, and held the appointment for nine years.

      2.  During those years the Hudson's Bay Company were the principal direct importers to Labrador but Nova Scotia traders also visited the coast. We made them all pay duties to the Newfoundland Government. As far as the Hudson's Bay Company was concerned we collected duties in respect of goods intended for use at Rigolet, North West River, Cartwright, Davis Inlet, Nachvak or for trading with the Indians in the interior, but not on those intended for use at Ungava, which was looked upon as No Man's Land. When the goods for the Company were of American origin they were brought from Canada in bond and when they had been landed and duty paid I cancelled the bonds. Tobacco and other material from Canada on which excise duty would be payable if it was put into consumption was similarly dealt with. Where the goods were of Canadian production I levied duties on them just as if they were coming into a port in the island of Newfoundland.

      3.  On several occasions I went up North West River and up the lakes and streams and saw the Indians who came out each summer.

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      4.  I performed magisterial duties where necessary. I remember determining a dispute between Fortescue, chief factor of the Hudson's Bay Company, and McLean, in relation to the alleged barring by the latter of the River Kinnamish against Salmon. I decided after enquiry that Fortescue's claim failed.

      5.  The Newfoundland Government always looked after the interests of the people and provided relief for them when required. In the Hamilton Inlet and at Sandwich Bay this relief was administered through the Hudson's Bay Company.

F. C. BERTEAU.    
Sworn at St. John's, Newfoundland,
      before me, this 8th day of June,
ROBERT ALSOP,          



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