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No. 539.



Report of J. R. Pinsent, Esq., Judge of the Court of Labrador, 1872.

To His Excellency
      Col. Stephen J. Hill, C.B.,
            Governor of Newfoundland, etc., etc.

St. John's,              
December 31st, 1872.    
      I have the honour to make my annual circuit Report to Your Excellency.

      As usual we traversed the coast from Blanc Sablon to Hamilton Inlet and were constantly engaged during the period of our stay at Labrador in visiting the various settlements and attending to our official duties of Law and Revenue.

        The legal cases brought before me during the circuit were:—
4 of debt and damages,
2 of Trespass,
2 of Assault and Battery,
1 Sureties of the Peace,
1 Public Nuisance,
1 Larceny,
      I am frequently applied to for information and advice, which I give to the people, and thus prevent serious disputes and litigation.
      A report was propagated at Labrador this summer that a woman had been murdered at White Bear Island, near Indian Harbour; it reached Newfoundland, and the Government sent a small party of police to Labrador to see into the matter; they fell in with H.M.S. “Eclipse” at Indian Tickle, and reported this to Capt. Hoskins, who offered to convey them in the ship to their destination. on his way thither he called at Grady Harbour for me. I accompanied

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him to Indian Harbour, where we investigated the report, and found it to be false.
      I consider the general conduct of the people at Labrador very creditable to them. When it is remembered how many thousands of men are engaged during the summer in an arduous and exciting occupation, the absence of serious crime is highly satisfactory and remarkable.

      The salmon fishery in the Great Bays was very short of an average voyage, but on the seaboard the catch was better.

      Education.  Five public schools were in operation this year at Labrador, viz:—

Pinware.Mrs. O'Dell.Summer and winter.$20 
Red Bay.John Bailey.,,           ,,20 
Cape Charles.Eliz. Young.Summer only.10 
 Matthew's Cove.  Mary Marshall. ,,       ,,10 
Battle.Rev. G. Bishop. Summer and winter. 25 
  Currency $85 

      I received the reports of the teachers (with the exception of that from Battle Harbor) and have sent them to the Colonial Secretary. I supplied the schools with books and paid the teachers their salaries. I distributed additional books and stationery to the resident inhabitants of Labrador, who value them highly, and will make good practical use of them.
      The medicines supplied by the Government for the use of the people of Labrador, I dispensed to those who required them. This is a very useful annual gift to the inhabitants, who are not able to procure them otherwise; and I believe I may truly say that aided by the practical skill and experience of our Captain, I have been in this way instrumental in affording relief to many sick persons, and in some cases in saving life.
      The Mail Packet Service at Labrador this season has, with reference to place of call and the time of waiting for letters, been much more satisfactory than it was last year; but the service is still considered susceptible to practical improvement.
I have, etc.,
(Signed)   ROBERT JOHN PINSENT,      
Judge of the Court of Labrador.   



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