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No. 525.


Pages 162 to 164.   4 RECORD BOOK.   Oct. 26th, 1861 to Aug. 3rd, 1869.

April 18th, 1863.  


              His Excellency Sir A. Bannerman, Kt. Governor,
              Hon. L. O'Brien, President,     J. Bemister, Receiver Genl.,
              H. W. Hoyles, Atty. Genl.,      N. Stabb,
              R. Carter, Act. Colonial Secy.

      The following Letters Patent for the Institution of a Court at Labrador were adopted and ordered to be issued and promulgated.

      By His Excellency Sir Alexander Bannerman, Knight, Governor and Commander-in-Chief in and over the Island of Newfoundland and its dependencies, &c.

      To all whom these presents shall come,


      Whereas by an Act of the Legislature of this Colony passed in the 26th year of the Reign of Her present Majesty entitled “An Act to provide for the collection of the Revenue and for the better administration of Justice at the Labrador” it is amongst other things enacted that it shall be lawful for the Governor by Letters Patent under the Great Seal of the Island of Newfoundland to institute a Court of Civil and Criminal Jurisdiction at the Labrador which said Court shall be presided over by one Judge to be appointed by the Governor in Council, and shall have certain powers jurisdiction and authority upon such parts of the Coast of Labrador as lie within the Government of Newfoundland in and by the said Act particularly declared and defined. Now Know Ye, that I, the said Governor, upon consideration of the premises and in pursuance and by virtue of the said Act have thought fit to institute, grant, direct and appoint, and by these presents do institute, grant direct and appoint a Court of Civil and Criminal Jurisdiction at the Labrador and such Court shall be called “The Court of Labrador” and shall be presided over by one Judge to be appointed from time to time in manner aforesaid and such Court shall be a Court of record,

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and shall be held for such terms and at such times and in such places at the Labrador as the Judge thereof for the time being may from time to time determine as best calculated for the administration of Justice within its jurisdiction and the said Court shall have and exercise all such Jurisdiction power and authority whatsoever as are in and by the said Act or otherwise by law provided or declared. And I do hereby strictly charge and command all Magistrates and Officers and all others Her Majesty's Subjects Within and belonging to the said Island and its Dependencies that in the Execution of the several powers hereby conferred they be aiding and assisting and obedient in all things as they will answer the contrary at their peril.

      In witness whereof I have caused these presents to be made Patent and the Great Seal of the said Island of Newfoundland to be Hereunto affixed at St. John's in the said Island this 18th day of April, A.D. 1863 and in the twenty-sixth year of Her Majesty's Reign.

      Benjamin Sweetland Esquire, J.P., of Trinity was appointed Judge of the Court of Labrador at a salary of £200.

A. BANNERMAN, Govr.        

No. 526                                         N


Page 176, 4 RECORD BOOK, Oct. 26th, 1861, to Aug. 3rd., 1869.

May 30th, 1863.    

      James Winter was appointed Collector for the Labrador in the room of Matthew H. Warren resigned and Jonas Purchase was appointed Bailiff of the Court of Labrador.



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