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No. 516.


C.O. RECORDS, 194/130.
H.M. Ship Alarm,                            
St. John's, Newfoundland,       
30th Aug. 1848.  
      I have the honor to enclose the evidence concluded of various examinations marked as per margin, which I held as Justice of the Peace of Newfoundland and its Dependencies, during the cruise round the Island.
      I beg particularly to call your Excellency's attention to the copy of a Warrant issued against Mr. Ellis of Forteau Bay, for having possessed himself by Force of a small Island called West St. Modest, and the house and property upon it belonging to Mr. Antonio Talbot of Quebec, under the plea that he was acting in the capacity of Sheriff, to establish the Right of another Party, by whom he was employed, over the aforesaid Island and Property. In effecting this object it appears that he violently assaulted the occupant, broke open the house, destroyed some of the property, sold another portion by public Auction, and carried off the remainder in Vessels to his residence in Forteau Bay.
      It will be seen upon reference to the Documents that this case was investigated two years since by Captain O'Callaghan (commanding H.M. Steam Sloop Vesuvius, and possessing, as I do, a Warrant as Justice of the Peace) who obliged Mr. Ellis to sign a Declaration that he would restore the property taken away within a given time; this I find has not been done.
      Unfortunately I was not put in possession of these very unjustifiable and cruel proceedings on his part towards Mr. Talbot (which have reduced him from comparative affluence to absolute penury) until my arrival at Blanc Sablon, otherwise I should have considered it my duty to have summoned Mr. Ellis before me to answer to the charges made against him, but I trust that some means may be adopted to restore to the poor man at least some portion of his former Property.
      So many flagrant cases of violent usurpation by the powerful over the poorer Settlers, came under my notice during my visits of inspection to the various Ports upon the Coast of Labrador that I sincerely hope your Excy.will think proper to make such future arrangements for the security of Property, and the maintenance of Justice as, in your judgement, may be considered requisite, independent of any influence the annual visit of a Ship of war may be supposed to exercise.
*                    *                    *                   *
I have &c.              
Signed:    G. G. LOCH,       



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