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No. 502.



RECORD BOOK, ST. JOHN'S, NEWFOUNDLAND.  Volume 37, page 247.
By His Excellency Sir Thomas John Cochrane, Governor,
&c.    &c.    &c.

Thos. Cochrane.
      Whereas the Act intituled “An Act for the better administration of Justice in Newfoundland and for other purposes,” under the authority of which a Court of Civil Jurisdiction for the Coast of Labrador and the Islands adjacent thereto was instituted by me, has been continued by a certain other Act made and passed in the present year of His Majesty's Reign, until the 31st day of December 1832 and no longer. I, the Governor, do therefore by this my Proclamation direct and appoint that the said Court shall be holden in the present year at the several Ports or Bays on the Coast of Labrador as hereinafter mentioned, and in the order herein set forth, commencing with the first mentioned place as soon after the 19th day of this instant August as the weather and other circumstances will permit, viz.
      Indian Harbour, Indian Island, Rigolet or Ivucktoke, otherwise Gross Water, Mullins Cove, Tub Harbour, Dumplin Island Harbour, Indian Tickle, Cape Charles, Henley Harbour, in Chateau Bay, and Henley Harbour in Temple Bay on the said Coast of Labrador, or at any or either of the said places, or at other place or places on the said Coast as the weather or other circumstances may permit or render necessary.
      And I authorize, empower and direct the Judge of the Court, from day to day and from place to place, or for any number of days within the term, Session or continuance of the said Court, to adjourn the said Court, and to meet, re-assemble, and sit again in the execution & discharge of the duties of the said Court when where and so often as by the said Judge may be deemed necessary or expedient.
      And of these presents the Sheriff & his Deputies and other Officers and persons whom it may concern are hereby required and commanded to take due notice, and govern themselves accordingly.
Given &c     &c.     &c.       
10th August, 1829.    
      By His Excellency's Command,
            J. TEMPLEMAN,
                P. Secy.

      [Similar proclamations appear to have been issued on 30 May 1831, 23 June 1832, 17 June 1833.]



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