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No. 495.





        L.S.                By His Excellency Sir Thomas John Cochrane
Thos. Cochrane.              Knight, &c.

      Whereas by an Act of Parliament passed in the fifth year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the fourth by the grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland King Defender of the Faith intituled “An Act for the better Administration of Justice in Newfoundland and for other purposes” it is enacted and declared that it shall and may be lawful for the Governor or Acting Governor of Newfoundland for the time being to institute a Court of Civil Jurisdiction at any such parts or places on the Coast of Labrador, or the Islands adjacent thereto, which are reannexed to the Government of Newfoundland as occasion shall require. Now therefore in pursuance of the power and authority to me given by the said Act of Parliament, and in fulfilment of the requisitions & provisions of the same, I the Governor do by this my Prolcamation institute a Court of Civil Jurisdiction to be holden at the several Ports or Bays on the Coast of Labrador as hereinafter mentioned, and in the order herein set forth, commencing with the first named place as soon after the 15th day of July next as the Weather will permit, viz., Indian Harbour, Indian Island, Rigolet, or Ivucktoke otherwise Gross Water, Mullins Cove, Tub Harbour, Dumplin Island Harbour, Indian Tickle, Cape Charles, Henley Harbour in Chateau Bay, and Henley Harbour in Temple Bay on the said Coast of Labrador, or at any or either of the said places, or at any other place or places on the said Coast, and at such periods as circumstances will permit or may render necessary with jurisdiction, power and authority to hear and determine all suits and complaints of a civil nature after the manner and form provided by the said Act, and arising within any of the ports or places on the said Coast of Labrador or the Islands adjacent thereto which are re-annexed to the Government of Newfoundland viz. from the entrance of Hudson's Straits to a line

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to be drawn due North and South from Anse Sablon on the said Coast to the fifty second degree of North Latitude.
      And I do authorize empower and direct the Judge of the said Court of Civil Jurisdiction hereby instituted, from day to day and from place to place or for any number of days within the term session or continuance of the said Court to adjourn the said Court, to meet, re-assemble, and sit again in the execution and discharge of the duties of the said Court when and so often as by the said Judge may be deemed necessary or expedient for the due and proper fulfilment and discharge of such duties.
      And of these presents, all Magistrates the Sheriff and his Deputies, all Bailiffs, Constables, Keepers of Gaols and other Officers of the Coast of Labrador in the execution of their Offices about the premises, are desired and hereby required & commanded to take due notice and govern themselves accordingly.
Given under my hand and seal at the Government House,
St. John's the 18th day of June 1827 in the Eighth year of
His Majesty's Reign.                                                       

By His Excellency's Command,
         W. A. Clarke.



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