The Labrador Boundary

Privy Council Documents

Volume III

[30 Aug.,

J. C. Brunet & Co.
Joseph Bird & Timothy Craze.

p. 1406                                         N

No. 494.


Rigolet, Esquimaux Bay, Labrador,      
Wednesday, the 30th day of August, 1826.

Court of Civil Jurisdiction for the Coast of Labrador and islands adjacent.

The Honourable William Paterson, Esq., Captain of the Royal       Navy, and Companion of the most Honorable Military Order of       the Bath, Judge of the said Court.

      J. O. Brunet & Co. of Quebec by their partners, Joseph Tourzeon, residing at Rigolet, also by petition set forth his complaint, stating that. Mr. Joseph Bird of Sturminister, England, by his agent Timothy Craze of Tub Harbor, in this Bay and by the persons employed under him; have for these three years last past interrupted the complainants in their salmon fishery at a place called Kinnamon Brook in this Bay, by placing their nets in front of and very near to those of complainants, so as to intercept the salmon coming to them, whereby the complainants allege that they have sustained damages to the amount of five hundred pounds and praying that process might be issued against the said Joseph Bird and Timothy Craze for the recovery of that sum.
      The Court complied with the prayer of the Plaintiffs petition by granting a writ of summons at their suit against Joseph Bird and Timothy Craze in in the sum of £500. But as it appeared that the Defendants could not this year be prepared with their evidences to defend the action, the Court directed that the writ should be made returnable at Rigolet on Monday the 13th day of August, 1827, or at such other time as the Court of Labrador might first sit at Rigolet.



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