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No. 477.

51 GEO. III. CAP. 45, 1811.

An Act for . . . instituting Surrogate Courts on the Coast of Labrador, and in certain Islands adjacent thereto.

      “II. And whereas it is expedient to provide for the better administration of justice in such parts of the coast of Labrador from the River St. John to Hudson's Streights, and in the island of Anticosti, and in all other smaller islands as are re-annexed to the Government of Newfoundland by an act passed in the forty-ninth year of His Majesty's reign, intituled, An Act for establishing Courts of Judicature in the Island of Newfoundland and the islands adjacent; and for re-annexing part of the coast of Labrador and the islands lying on the said coast to the Government of Newfoundland”; Be it therefore further enacted, That it shall and may be lawful for the Governor of Newfoundland from time to time to institute Surrogate Courts in the said parts and places, with power and authority to proceed in and to hear and determine civil suits arising within the said ports and places, and all other suits and complaints, in like manner as Surrogate Courts instituted by virtue of the said act in the Island of Newfoundland.

No. 478.


NEWFOUNDLAND.”                              N

Footnote, page 393.
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      3. In 1813 a very large Commission of the Peace was issued under which the following gentlemen were appointed Justices:—Coote, Broom, Rev. Mr. Roland, and Blaikie magistrates for St. John's; Rev. F. Carrington and Lilly for Harbour Grace; Rev. J. Church and Burrell, Trinity; Egar, Greenspond; Ford, Bonavista; McKie and Angell, Bay Bulls; W. Carter. Ferryland; Bradshaw and Blackburn, Placentia; Gosse, Carbonear; Anthoine, Fortune Bay; Bryant, Ferryland; Phippard, St. Mary's; Pinson and S. Prowse for Labrador. For the Island generally, the following naval officers:—Captain Elliott, Cooksley, Skekel, Campbell, Holbrook, Buchan; also the Rev. F. Carrington, and P. C. Le Geyt, the Governor's Secretary.



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