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No. 464.


IN THE MATTER OF the Enquiry into Newfound-
land Territorial Rights on the Labrador.

District of Labrador, Voisey's Bay, to wit:—

      I, GEORGE VOISEY, of Voisey's Bay, Kekitonjak Island, make oath and say as follows:

      1. I reside in Voisey's Bay, a settlement about thirty-one miles from Nain and about sixty miles from the waters of the Coast.

      2. My father was born in Plymouth, England. He came here about sixty-five years ago, and lived here up to the time of his death about twenty-two years ago. I am fifty-seven years of age. I have resided here all my life. My father was a trouter, salmon catcher and furrier, and used to go into the interior on hunting trips for fourteen and fifteen days at a time, going in as far as one hundred miles. He exercised the rights of citizenship here during his lifetime and was subject to the laws of the Government of Newfoundland, the same as we are now. I have been subject to the Governor and Government of Newfoundland all my life, paying duties to the Collector of Customs since he has been coming on the Coast. I have fished, trapped and hunted, and have been in the interior a hundred miles on hunting trips. I never had any intimation from the Canadian Government that I was on their territory, or anything of that sort. I have been all my life under the Moravian Mission, obeying the laws of Newfoundland.


SWORN before me at Voisey's Bay aforesaid,
  this 19th day of August, A.D. 1909.
                    (Sgd) F. J. MORRIS,
                                Judge of the Court of Labrador.

No. 465.                                        N

21st March, 1926—AFFIDAVIT OF W. R. BARLOW, M.D.

Vide, Part VIII C, No. 428, p. 1309.



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