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Nain, Labrador, 16th Aug., 1822.   
      With humble gratitude to that good Providence since the Mission of our Society commenced on the Coast of Labrador amongst that part of His Majesty's numerous Subjects, the Esquimaux Nation, we beg leave to offer to your Excellency our most grateful thanks for your Excellency's paternal attention to this Society situated in this part of His Majesty's Dominions so evidently shewn by Your Excellency's late Grant thereby authorising us to extend our Mission to the 59th degree of North Latitude.
      On the 10th inst. His Majesty's Brig Clinker which your Excellency has been kindly pleased to send to our Settlements arrived which afforded us another instance of your Excellency's unremitted attention towards our Welfare. We expected to see again our dear friend Captain Martin, but instead of him Capt. Booth who proves that beneficence and magnanimity do not rest With only one, and the British Navy is commanded by Gentlemen that are worthy to support the honour of His Majesty's Sceptre, and to be possessed of those qualifications that draw forth our love and esteem.
      We cannot speak too highly of the conduct of the Officers of the Clinker, their exemplary conduct sheds a lustre on their profession. Captain Booth's and the Officers' attention to our Esquimaux Congregation have given them great encouragement.
      With pleasure we beg leave to say that the conduct of the Ship's Company reflects credit on the excellent Discipline manifested in their whole Deportment. When we informed our Esquimaux people of your Excellency's regard to their welfare, and the active part you had & were still devising for their good, and the spread of the Gospel amongst their heathenish countrymen the tears of heartfelt gratitude flowed down the furrowed cheeks of the parents, and no less moved were the youths, by their countenances you might read their affectionate hearts.
      We anticipate great good to arise from being visited by one of His Majesty's Ships as circumstances and the service will permit. Our Esquimaux will feel themselves secure and under the protection of their good friends, heathens

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who before were afraid of joining the Society, on hearing the Gospel for fear of temporal sufferings through the report of several persons to the Southward as we have before mentioned to your Excellency, will now be encouraged to come forward fearing none of those things they looked for, and our own people will be stirred up to a Spirit of Emulation and will not for the future fear a King's Ship but contrariwise they will meet her. with greetings and Joy from the bottom of their hearts.
      We beg leave to submit for Your Excellency's information an account of the several changes respecting the Esquimaux which have taken place since His Majesty's Brig Clinker left here on the 31st Aug. last till her arrival this year,
                    Born and Baptized      .      .      .      .  34 children
                    Heathen adults baptized      .      .      . 18
                    Admitted to the Holy Communion .   .  21
                    Departed this life        .       .       .      .  1 old widow
                            do              .       .       .       .     .  5 children.

      We cannot conclude this Epistle without assuring your Excellency that our fervent prayers to the Almighty shall be ever offered up that you may be blessed with health and strength of mind and body, and may your dear Consort and tender youth be blessed of the most High, may many, very many years of prosperity be your lot upon Earth, may you have peace and joy till it shall please Him to grant you a happy exit out of this Vale of trial, and give you a seat before His Throne through the merits of His Dear Son Jesus Christ our Lord, is and ever shall be the prayers of Your Excellency's
Most grateful and most obliged Servants,           
JOHN LUNDBERG                  
ADAM KUNATH                     
CH. BENEDIKT HENN           
To His Excellency,
      Sir Charles Hamilton Bart.
            Governor of Newfoundland,
                   &c.      &c.



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