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No. 458.


St. John's,                         
December 3rd, 1821.    
Reverend Sirs,
      It was exceedingly gratifying to me to receive your letter of the 29th of August last and to find that my orders to Captain Martin to communicate with you had been productive of any benefit to your Society and I approved of his having proceeded to Okkak, your Northmost settlement, notwithstanding the intricacy of the navigation, and the dangers attending it, which are the great impediments to your not having been visited before, but the kind reception Captain Martin and his officers received will naturally induce me to embrace the earliest and every opportunity of repeating the experiment, trusting that a more frequent intercourse will lessen the risk attending it, and prove beneficial to your settlements.
      Captain Martin's report to me of the result of your labors are no less pleasing than surprising, and as long as it may please His Majesty to continue me in this Government I shall feel a sincere pleasure in not only communicating but forwarding the views of your Society in every way within my power, agreeable to His Majesty's towards all his subjects and who has commanded the Earl of Bathurst, his principal Secretary of State for the Colonies, to direct me to make a special grant of a considerable accession of territory to the Society of Unitas Fratrum, which has only been delayed for want of an eligible mode of conveyance, but which will now accompany this letter and confidently trusting that your efforts may continue to be attended with equal success and that your congregations may very long experience the same beneficial results from your arduous and unremitting labors, in a wilderness with an inclement climate and arid soil to contend against, is the sincere wish of
Reverend Sirs,                  
Your very obedient humble servant,              
(Sgd)    C. HAMILTON.  
      and Brethren of the Unitas Fratrum Society.



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