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No. 456                                         N

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No. 457.                                         N

RECORD BOOK. ST. JOHN'S. NEWFOUNDLAND.  Volume 32, page 269.
By His Excellency Sir Charles Hamilton Bart., Vice Admiral
of the White, Governor & Commander in Chief in and
over the Island of Newfoundland, &c. &c. &c.          
      Whereas His Royal Highness the Prince Regent in Council on the 13th of May, 1818, acting in the name and on the behalf of His Majesty was graciously pleased to authorise that every facility should be given to the Moravian Missionaries in Labrador for extending the beneficial influence which they have had upon the character of the Native Indians, and for spreading still further the benefits of the Gospel and to that end to permit and allow the Society of the “Unitas Fratrum” to form a fourth settlement on the Eastern coast of Labrador and to occupy during His Majesty's pleasure “that part of the said Coast to the North of Okkak, which comprehending the Bays of Kangerhuksoak and Saeglek reaches to the 59 Degrees of N. Latitude, provided that the spots chosen by the said Society for its settlements may be such as in no respect to interrupt or annoy the fisheries carried on upon the said Eastern Coast of Labrador.”
      I, the Governor aforesaid, do therefore hereby make known unto all whom it may concern that the said Settlements of the “Unitas Fratrum” are under His Majesty's immediate protection and do hereby strictly enjoin all His Majesty's Subjects to live in amity and brotherly love with the said settlers and the Native Indians inhabiting the Country aforesaid, in no wise molesting, or disturbing the said Missionaries or those who shall settle with them; And I do further require that all His Majesty's Subjects who shall come upon the Coast of Labrador do act towards the said Missionaries and the Esquimaux Indians justly, humanely & agreeably to those laws by which His Majesty's Subjects of all classes are bound throughout His Majesty's Dominions.
      And the said Society of “Unitas Fratrum” are hereby enjoined to take especial care that spots it shall chuse for its Settlements be such as in no respect to interrupt or annoy the fisheries carried on upon the said Coast of Labrador.
Given under my hand and Seal at Fort Townshend, St.
John's, Newfoundland, the 3rd day of December,
1821,  in  the  second  year  of  His Majesty King
George the Fourth.                                             
By His Excellency's Command,
           P. C. LEGEYT.



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