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No. 451.


C.O. RECORDS 194/35.
Whitehall, 28th May 1784.   
      I transmit to you herewith by the King's command a copy of a Letter to me from Messrs La Trobe and Hutton, the Heads of the Society of the Unitas Fratrum, containing some observations relative to the Indians upon the Coast of Labrador, amongst whom Missioners from that Society have been planted with a view to convert them to Christianity.
      The reasoning of these Gentlemen respecting the Treatment of the Savages and discouraging their Excursions to the Southward which have heretofore proved so fatal to them seems so consistent with their own Comfort as well as with the safety of the Missionaries and so essentially necessary for forwarding their laudable designs that His Majesty has been pleased to command me to recommend the representation of Messrs La Trobe and Hutton to your particular attention and consideration, and that you do so far as it may be in your power enforce a compliance with their desire.

I am &c.,                  

(Signed)     SYDNEY.   
Endorsed: Drat To Vice Admiral Campbell,
      Governor of Newfoundland, 28th May 1784.



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