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C.O. RECORDS 194/19.  VOL. 5, p. 1.

      The underwritten begs leave, in the name of the Brethren's Society for the furtherance of the Gospel among the Heathen in those Countries principally which are under the British Dominion, to lay before the Right Honourable the Earl of Dartmouth, and the Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations, the following annexed Papers, relating to the transactions of their Missionaries in Terra Labrador, from the latter end of the year 1773 to the month of October 1774.
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      At the end of the year 1773 they take notice of the great increase of the number of Esquimaux with whom they got acquaintance during the course of that year, not only by the means of the Revd Mr. Layritz's voyage that year from St. John's to Nain, on which he saw some hundreds of the southern Esquimaux, and by means of Mr. Haven's voyage also last year to the north, where he saw many Esquimaux who till then had never seen an European: but also by their having been visited by at least an hundred of the Southern Esquimx as well as by hundreds of others; and indeed during the greatest, part of the year 1774 Nain has seldom been without Esquimaux Visitors as well from the south as from their neighbourhood. . . . . It is supposed that some or other of the Missionaries have by this time seen and conversed with and preached to, more or less the far greatest part of the Nation, so far as Labrador has been vet discovered. . . . .

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Vide, Part VIII C, No. 424, p. 1305.



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