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No. 443.


PRIVY COUNCIL 2 / 117, p. 461.

At the Court of St. James's, the 9th day of March 1774.

      Whereas there Was this day read at the Board a report from the Right Honourable the Lords of the Committee of Council for Plantation affairs, dated this day in the words following, viz.:—

      Memdm.—Here the Committee report for permitting the missionaries of the Unitas Fratrum to extend their settlements under certain restrictions to the southward and northward of their present location on the Labrador coast, to be inserted at length as vide entered page 458.

      His Majesty taking the said report into consideration, is pleased with the advice of his Privy Council to approve thereof, and accordingly doth hereby permit and allow the Missionaries of the Unitas Fratrum to extend their settlements accordingly, to the southward and northward of the present location and to occupy and possess during his Majesty's pleasure such tracts of land as may be found necessary for the purposes of the undertaking provided such tracts shall not exceed one hundred thousand acres to the southward of Nain and one hundred thousand acres to the northward of Nain and that the spots so to be chosen by the said Missionaries for their settlements be such as may in no respect interrupt or annoy the fisheries carried on upon the said coast of Labrador. And the Governor or Commander in Chief of his Majesty's island of Newfoundland and the territories depending thereon for the time being and all others whom it may concern, are to take notice and govern themselves accordingly.



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