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No. 436.


Governor and Commander in Chief in and over the Island of Newfoundland, the Coast of Labrador, &c. &c.

      WHEREAS I am informed that the Esquimaux Savages inhabiting that part of the Coast of Labrador where the Unitas Fratrum and its Society have formed a Settlement for the furtherance of the Gospel among the Heathen have lately strolled from the said Settlement to the Southward with a View of Trading with the Shipping which touch upon that Coast. AND WHEREAS many Barbarous Murders have been committed on both sides by the English upon the Savages and the Savages upon the English, occasioned by Disputes and Misunderstandings in Bartering their Track. For the putting a stop thereto for the future I do hereby desire and require the said Unitas Fratrum to use every fair and gentle means in their power, to prevent the said Esquimaux Savages from going to the Southward without first obtaining their Permission in writing for so doing, and till such time as other Settlements shall be formed and extended down along the Coast. Given under my hand this 10th of April 1772.
(Sgd.)   M. SHULDHAM.    
        By His Excellency's Command
                  (Sgd.)  EDW. BRAGGE.



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