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No. 430.


C.O. RECORDS 194/46.   T. 46.

ADMIRALITY OFFICE, 27 April, 1765.
      I have communicated to my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty your Letters of the 23rd and 24th Instant, signifying the desire of the Lords for Trade and Plantations, that a Passage may be order'd in one of the Ships of Commodore Palliser's Squadron, for the four Persons therein named, who are appointed by the Society of the United Fratrum, to establish a Mission on the Coast of Terra Labrador, and that the Commander of such Ship as may be appointed to visit that Coast, may have Orders to give them such Protection and Assistance as shall be necessary for their purpose, and consistent With His Majesty's Service; And in return, I am commanded to acquaint you for the Information of the Lords for Trade, that my Lords of the Admiralty have given the necessary Directions to Commodore Palliser for that purpose; . . .
*               *               *               *

(Signed)    PH.  STEVENS.          



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