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No. 427.


IN THE MATTER OF the Enquiry into Newfound-
land Territorial Rights on the Labrador.

District of Labrador, Nain, to wit:

      I, C. A. MARTIN, at present of Nain aforesaid, Bishop, in charge of the Unitas Fratrum Mission, make oath and say as follows:—

      1.  I have been Superintendent of the Unitas Fratrum Mission at Nain, a settlement about twenty miles from the sea coast, for the past twenty one years.

      2.  I am well acquainted with the habits and customs of the Esquimaux and natives of the Labrador, and as far as I know they have always obeyed the laws of Newfoundland and have been subject to the jurisdiction of the Governor and Government of Newfoundland. As far as I know they have never acknowledged the sovereignty of the Province of Quebec or any other portion of the Dominion of Canada and have never paid nor been requested to pay any duties whatever to Canadian authorities and no attempt has ever been made by Canada to claim jurisdiction on this part of the Coast.

      3.  The natives of the coast hunt, trap and fish as far as three hundred miles into the interior in the winter time.

      4.  On reference to the records of our Mission I find that the original grant to our Society of one hundred thousand acres of land on Labrador, dated May 3rd, 1769, was from Government of Newfoundland, since which date, in 1774, this grant has been increased by the Government of Newfoundland by two hundred thousand acres, and I also find several Proclamations from different Governors of Newfoundland issued for the purpose of protecting and furthering the objects of the Mission. Copies of these documents are attached hereto.
(Sgd)   C. A. MARTIN, Ep. Un. Fa.   

SWORN before me at Nain aforesaid this
    17th day of August A.D. 1909.
               (Sgd)    F.J. MORRIS,
Judge of the Court of Labrador.



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