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No. 426.




Governor and Commander in Chief in and over the Island of Newfoundland, &c. &c.

      WHEREAS His Majesty in Council on the third day of May 1769 was graciously pleased to grant unto the Unitas Fratrum and its Society for the furtherance of the Gospel among the Heathen, One Hundred Thousand Acres of Land on the Coast of Labrador for the Establishment of a Mission among the Esquimeaux Savages. AND WHEREAS it has pleased His Majesty in Council on the Ninth Day of March 1774, to permit and allow the Missionaries of the said Unitas Fratrum to extend their said Settlements to the Southward and Northward of their first Location called Nain, as may be found necessary for the purposes of the Undertaking; AND they have taken up agreeable to the said Order of Council One Hundred Thousand Acres of Land North of Nain, near the 56th Degree N. Lat. and have established a Mission Settlement thereupon called Okkak, and have taken up One Hundred Thousand Acres of Land, South of Nain, between the 55th and 56th Degree and have established a Mission Settlement thereupon called Hopedale. AND WHEREAS His Majesty did at the same time order that the Governor or Commander in Chief of Newfoundland for the time being, do give them all reasonable Assistance and Support in forming the said Mission Settlements, and in His Majesty's Name to warn all Persons from molesting or disturbing the said Mission Settlements; THEREFORE be it known to all Men that their said Settlements are under His Majesty's immediate Direction and Protection ; And I do hereby enjoin all His Majesty's Subjects to live in Amity and Brotherly Love with the said Missionaries and with the Native Indians inhabiting that Country, in no wise molesting or disturbing the said Missionaries, or those who shall settle with them. And I do require that all His Majesty's Subjects, who shall come upon the Coast of Labrador do act towards the Esquimaux Indians, justly, humanely, and agreeable to these Laws, by which His Majesty's Subjects of all Classes are bound throughout His Majesty's Dominions and to the Proclamation issued at St. John's in the Island of Newfoundland on the 24th June 1772, respecting the Savages inhabiting the aforesaid Island and Coast.

Given under my hand in                  
London the 15th May 1784.      
   By His Excellency's Command.          (Sgd.)   JN. CAMPBELL.
               (Sgd.)    A. GRAHAM.



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