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No. 422.



By His Excellency MOLYNEUX SHULDHAM, Esq.,
Governor and Commander-in-Chief in
and over the Island of Newfoundland,
the Coast of Labrador, &c., &c.        


      Whereas it has pleased His Majesty in Council to grant unto the Unitas Fratrum and their Society for the furtherance of the Gospel among the heathen a parcel of land on the Coast of Labrador for the establishment of a mission among the Esquimaux savages and in consequence of the said grant a settlement is formed on the said coast. Therefore be it known unto all men that the said settlement is under His Majesty's immediate protection and I hereby strictly enjoin and require all His Majesty's subjects to live in amity and brotherly love with the said settlers and the native savages inhabiting that country, in no wise whatsoever molesting or disturbing the said Mission or those who shall settle with them, and I do require that all His Majesty's subjects who shall come upon the Coast of Labrador do act towards the Esquimaux Indians agreeable to the Proclamation issued at St. John's the 8th day of July 1769 respecting the savages inhabiting the aforesaid Island and Coast. Given under my hand the 10th April 1772.

(Sgd)   M. SHULDHAM.  
         By His Excellency's Command.

               (Sgd)    EDWD. BRAGGE.



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