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No. 419.


C.O. RECORDS, 194/27.   BOOK II.

      Whereas the Subjects of France fishing at Quirpont the last year, invited the Savages named Carolits or Esquemeauxs over to Newfoundland, and had a considerable Trade with them, and used many Infamous Wicked Savage Arts to prejudice those ignorant barbarous People against the English Nation.
      And as the Subjects of France are entitled to no Priviledges in Newfoundland but that of Fishing as stipulated by the 13th Article of the Treaty of Utrecht, their carrying on any Commerce there of any kind with any People whatever, is an illicit Trade and contrary to Treaties, their Tampering with those People to spirit them up to disturb His Majesty's Government to the danger of His Subjects Lives, I am satisfied is most contrary to His Most Christian Majesty's Sentiments of Humanity and Christianity, as well as inconsistent with the Treaties of Peace and Friendship subsisting between the two Crowns, under the sanction of which the Subjects of France are admitted into that Part of His Majesty's Dominions, and the French Ambassador having declared at the Court of London that His Most Christian Majesty would give the most positive Orders to all Armateurs Françoise not to have any Communication or Trade with the said Carolit or Esquemeaux Savages.
      I hereby give notice to all Masters of French Ships resorting to Fish at Newfoundland agreeable to Treaties, that if any of them are discovered to have any Commerce with the Carolits or Esquemeauxs, I shall proceed against them as illicit Traders, and if any of the Subjects of France are discovered to be guilty of any of the other Practices abovementioned they will be treated with the utmost severity of the Law against Publick disturbers of the Peace.
      I also hereby give notice that in case any of the said Carolits or Esquemeaux Savages should go over to Newfoundland, they are not to be molested or ill treated, they (as well as the Subjects of France, whilst in His Majesty's Dominions,) being under His Protection, and I am in pursuance of His Majesty's commands taking proper Measures for Civilizing those People, and for protecting both English and French from being Plundered Molested or Hurt by them.

Given under my Hand in Pitts Harbour within Chateau Bay
on the Coast of Labradore the 10th August 1765.        
(Signed)    HUGH PALLISER.   
[Endorsed.]  No. 6. Order forbidding
   the French to have any Traffick
   with the Esquemeauxs or to Molest
   or Hurt them 10th August 1765.
        In Commrs Palliser's, of the 11th Septr. 1765.



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