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No. 415.


In the Privy Council.

IN THE MATTER of the BOUNDARY between       the   DOMINION   of   CANADA   and   the       COLONY  of   NEWFOUNDLAND  in  the       LABRADOR   PENINSULA.

          I, FREDERICK COLMAN BRIEN, special Officer of the Department of Finance and Customs of Newfoundland, make oath and say as follows:

      1. Acting under instructions of the Hon. Minister of Finance and Customs to compile a statement from the various Departments of the Government of the amounts paid on account of public services for Labrador for the fiscal years ending June 30th, 1924 and 1925, I have prepared the statements attached hereto:

A summary statement marked “A,”
          A detailed statement marked “B 1 to 11.”

      2  These statements are correct to the best of my knowledge and belief, and give, as far as was possible for me to ascertain from the various Departments, the amounts spent by the Colony of Newfoundland in public services for Labrador during these years.
F. C. BRIEN.                    

Sworn at St. John's, Newfoundland,
      this 20th day of March, 1926.
                 D. O. KENT,
                       Commissioner S.C.



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