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No. 408.


Pages 216 & 217, 4 RECORD BOOK, Oct. 26th, 1861, to Aug. 3rd, 1869.

Oct. 17th, 1863.    

      The following Minute was adopted with respect to the Employment of H.M.S. “Vesuvius” during the past season.
      The Governor reported to the Council that Her Majesty's Ship “Vesuvius” had returned from the Westward on Tuesday last where Captain Hamilton had been despatched on special duty at the requisition and in aid of the Civil power and on Thursday he had unexpectedly proceeded to Halifax to convey the mails from England landed here from Royal Mail Steam Company's Ship “Africa” which had unfortunately sustained considerable damage by touching on the Coast near Cape Race, and bore up for St. John's.
      The fishing season being now terminated the Council are desirous to take an early opportunity of expressing on behalf of the Government and the community, their acknowledgements to His Excellency Vice Admiral Sir Alexander Milne for the efficient services which have been rendered by H.M.S. “Vesuvius” for the protection of Commerce and the Fisheries.
      The Admiral will doubtless have seen by the able Reports of Captain Hamilton that his co-operation with the authorities on the Coasts of this Island as well as those of the Labrador have enabled the Government to adopt measures for raising a Revenue on the latter for the administration of Justice, and protection of their Fishery, which but for the presence of H.M. Ship might have been difficult to accomplish.
      Captain Hamilton has also rendered essential service on the Southern Coast by the support given to the civil power in checking the plundering of wrecks which crime had become too prevalent on these coasts and which the Government will use every effort in their power to put down.
      The Council take the liberty of requesting that Admiral Milne will communicate to Captain Hamilton their regret that they had not the opportunity before his departure of personally offering to himself and Officers their thanks; and to convey to His Ship's Company the sense they entertain of their good conduct during the times when the “Vesuvius” was necessarily in harbour.
A. BANNERMAN, Governor.    



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