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No. 406.



Secy.'s Office,               
23rd June, 1857.   
      The Colonial Government have made the following arrangements for the protection of the Fisheries at the Labrador and in the Straits of Belle Isle during the present Summer.
      A Schooner called the Alice (65 tons) under the command of William Coady with a Superintendant on board sailed about the 20th May to Cape Ray in order in the first place that the Superintendent might take means for ascertaining the Census of the population and other statistics on the Western Coast as far as Cape Norman and thence along the Northern Coast to Quirpon. He would thence proceed to the Straits and remain there until about the beginning of September employed in protecting British Fishery Interests in that neighbourhood. Mr. M. J. Kelly a member of the Colonial Assembly is the Superintendent on board of the Alice.
      A second vessel called the Nelson (39 tons) a clipper schooner Wm. Giles master under the direction of the Superintendent of Fisheries for the Labrador James L. Pendergast Esqr., M.H.A. sailed a day or two after the Alice for Cape John (at which important point the boundary between the English and French Fishing grounds the Colonial Government have placed a boat and four hands under the command of Henry Knight who has been employed for several successive years in the same service) from whence he would proceed to Quirpon taking the Census of the population and other statistics on his route He would thence proceed to Labrador and be employed in taking the Census (as far as the entrance of Hudson's Straits) and protecting the Fisheries during the remaining period of his service along that line of Coast. The Act for taking a Census having been passed during the last Session of the Legislature and which provides that it shall be taken in the course of the present year it has been found expedient to combine the two duties in order to ascertain the British population resident or what is commonly called the French Shore and upon the Coast of Labrador within the Government of this Island. A Boat and four hands under the Command of Caleb Young has been stationed at Belle Isle and Mr. Young has been instructed to keep a constant look out round the Island and its neighbourhood to prevent French Encroachment.
      A sum of money has been appropriated by the Legislation for the erection of a Breakwater at Belle Isle.
(Signed)    J. KENT   
   Commander Paisley, H.M.S. Atalanta.



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