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No. 400.



By Sir Charles Hamilton Bart., Vice Admiral of the White                   and Commander in Chief of His Majesty's Ships and                   Vessels employed and  to be employed at and about                   the Island of Newfoundland &c.                              

      Whereas the fisheries carried on by His Majesty's Subjects on the Coast of Labradore require the protection of a Man of War, and the authority of a Surrogate and Justice of the Peace, you are therefore hereby required and directed to proceed in His Majesty's Ship Favourite under your command to visit the said fisheries going first to Sandwich Bay, where a considerable Salmon Fishery has been for many years established and is now prosecuted by Messrs. P. Beard & Co. who have lately complained that their boundaries have been encroached upon by Vessels fitted out in Nova Scotia as well as by Subjects of the United States. You will make this fishery a particular object of your attention, and report to me relative to any points contained in the accompanying Memorial from Beard & Co.,* upon which your immediate observation may enable you to form a correct judgment, and you will cause the enclosed Regulations to be made public, and as far as in you lies enforce the observance of them. You will afterwards visit the different Establishments South and Westward as far as L'Ance a Loup within the Straits of Belleisle, calling occasionally at Cape Charles for the purpose of communication with the Magistrate there, to whose care I shall address any subsequent orders I may have occasion to send you; and you will if a favourable opportunity offer, without interfering too much with your other duties, call at Croque Harbour with the view of observing the fisheries of the French and obtaining the best accounts you can of their extent, of which as well as those of the Americans on the Labrador Coast you will make Returns agreeable to the prescribed form.
      If you should find it necessary you are authorized to take a Pilot for the Coast to which you are bound, and bear him on the Books of the Ship you command for Victuals only for which service he will be paid at the rate of 5/- per day and you are to discharge him with triplicate Certificates the moment you are able to dispense with his assistance.

*   Printed in Part VII, page 1208.

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      You will continue on this service until the 15th Sept. by which time you will quit the Station assigned to you, and return to St. John's unless from any unforeseen circumstances you should consider it necessary to remain longer on it.
Given under my hand on board the Sir Francis     
Drake in St. John's Harbour the 15th June, 1820.
To Hercules Robinson Esqr.,
      Captain of His Majesty's Ship Favourite,
      By Command of the Commander in Chief.
                  P. C. Le Geyt.
      N.B.—You will receive herewith a Warrant and Instructions
to collect the Greenwich Hospital duty to which you will pay due attention.



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