p. 1274

as those who possessed the Salt positively denying it, the Mr. Coghlan at the same time had not only taken some of it now in his possession, but had also been credibly informed of their having Cured their Fish with it this Year.
      Mr. Coghlan likewise complained to me of the irregularity of collecting the Greenwich Hospital Money at the same place. From these Complaints, I thought it a Duty incumbent on me to visit Twilingate, provided it would not interfere with the Surrogatory Business, and accordingly sailed for that Port, with Mr. Coghlan on board, the 20th in order to settle the Disputes, about an Hour after I left Fogo, it came on a very hard gale to the E.N.E., and so exceeding thick, as to render it unsafe, running in for the Islands, I with the advice of Mr. Coghlan put back, and the Wind continuing in the same Quarter, with as thick Weather, for three of four days, I thought it most Advisable to dispatch a Man who was recommended by Mr. Coghlan, in order to make some enquiry about the Salt, and to collect the Hospital Money.
      The Man returned on the 25th but brought no Satisfactory Accounts from the People who had taken on board the said Salt, only gave him some Nocks, which plainly indicate their having had it, and in a much greater quantity than was mentioned in your Excellency's Order to Mr. Coghlan, as they denied making Salt to having received any more Salt than therein mentioned.
      I have received all the Hospital Money from this Island & Twilingate except from Mr. Slade, who I wrote to, desiring he would settle, but received rather an evasive Answer. I shall therefore leave Fogo the first Wind, which I had proposed dong on the 25th, but the Wind continuing to the S. E. ward prevented me.
I am, Your Excellency's most obedient humble servant,            
To His Excellency,
        Governor Montagu.

No. 395.



By Isaac Schomberg, Esq., Surrogate to His Excellency John       Montagu, Esq., Governor and Commander in Chief in and over       the Island of Newfoundland Coast of Labrador, &c., &c.

      WHEREAS it has been represented to me by Charles Hellinss and his Crew who were employ'd by Mr. Jeremiah Coghlan on the N.E. Side of the Coast of Labrador as Furrers and Salmon Catchers on Shares, that the said Charles Hellinss and Crew having met with bad success at a part of the said Coast, called Partridge Bay where they were employ'd, Furring and Salmon

p. 1275

Catching the last Season, did on the 4th Day of August last, proceed to the Northward of the Mealy Mountains, in search of some other Place on the said Coast of Labrador, more likely to encourage their Industry to the Advantage of their Employers, and having after much Fatigue and trouble, discovered a Bay about Twenty Leagues to the Northward of the aforesaid Mealey Mountains fitting for the taking of Furrs the Winter, and Cod Fish and Salmon the Summer, which Bay or River that runs therein, no English Subject did ever discover or occupy, and that he the said Charles Hellinss and Crew or some other Crew of Hands belonging to the said Jeremiah Coghlan at whose Expence the said Discovery has been made, are to be employed at the aforesaid River the approaching Season for the purpose of taking Furrs, Salmon and Fish.
      By the Power and Authority to me given by His Excellency Governor Montagu bearing Date at St. John's the 4th day of September, 1777.
      I do hereby Order and Direct that no Person or Persons employed by John Payton, John Wrixon, or in their Names, or in the Name of any other Person or Persons whatever, do at any time after the Date of these presents disturb, molest, or pretend to hinder any Person or Persons whatsoever to or employ'd by the said Jeremiah Coghlan, the first Discoverer of the said Bay or River, from making of the said Premises, for his use only, and I forbid all Servants and others known by the Name of Planters, who may pretend to reside on the Coast of Labrador without the protection of a British Ship annually cleared out of some Port in Great Britain to be known as his or their Property, as the Law directs, not to occupy or make use of any Bay, Harbour, Creek or River for his or their use to the prejudice of the first Establisher; And should such Servants or Planters persist in residing on the said Coast, they are ordered herewith to evacuate the same otherwise they will be compelled.
      And Whereas it appears to me that the said Jeremiah Coghlan, not only conforms to the Laws and Regulations in every particular, heretofore made regarding the said Coast of Labrador for the benefit and increase of His Majesty's Marine, but also has been at great expence in erecting Stages, Buildings and other Fisheries, for the purpose of carrying on the Sealing, Furring and Cod Fishery, and Salmon Fishery providing yearly two Ships from Great Britain to the said Coast, for the use of His Fisheries.
      I do hereby also further Order and Direct that no Person or Persons whatsoever of His Majesty's British Subjects, shall on any pretence, as Settlers on the said Coast of Labrador take possession of, or settle at any Salmon River, Sealing Posts, Furring Paths, or Fishing Harbour, that has been first Discovered, occupied and established by the said Jeremiah Coghlan, or the people employ'd by him, on the said Coast of Labrador, he at all times taking care to conform to the Laws regarding his said residence.
          Given under my hand on board His Majesty's Schooner
            Labrador, in Fogo Harbour, this 19th day of September,

I. SCHOMBERG,                                         
Surrogate to His Excellency the Governor.



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