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No. 378.


("REPORT, October 29, 1841, etc.," Vol. M. 778A, pp. 67-71.)

      My principal object will be personally to ascertain the condition and wants of the great number of Persons (and their families) engaged in the Fisheries upon the Labrador Coast, and from whom it would scarcely appear to consist with justice to compel the payment of duties without in return affording them protection, instruction, Spiritual Consolation and legal redress of wrongs and injuries—from those in a word from whom the blessings of Civil Government appear substantially to have been withheld.
      It has been humanely suggested that until some permanent arrangement can be made, the despatch of a Vessel from hence, having on board a surgeon, a Missionary, a Schoolmaster, and a Stipendiary Magistrate, to remain upon the Coast during each fishing Season would be attended with great benefits to the Fishermen and their families, but even this, as every other measure of advantage and relief to this Colony must await the restoration to it of its representative constitution to it.

I have the honour to be, my Lord,
Your Lordship's
Most obedient humble Servant        
J. HARVEY.                    
The Right Hon. Lord Stanley,
                    etc., etc.

     Extract: Government House, Newfoundland,
                          October 29, 1841, No. 16.

          Sir John Harvey to Lord Stanley.



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