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No. 377.


Ranger, at Spithead,          
30 November, 1823.   

           I have the honour to report to you for the information of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, etc.

      Having ordered Lieutenant Cany (?) of the Pelter Gun brig, in the course of the service on which he was employed on the coast of Labrador to proceed up the Invucktoke Inlet, to cut a couple of spars as samples for the Navy Board, I have forwarded in a small box to your address, a chart of that inlet to be laid before their Lordships. There are also on board the Ranger two other boxes, addressed to you, one containing some specimens of the several species of spruce and other trees he found there, and the other some geological specimens collected by him on the different parts of the Labrador coast which he requested might be forwarded to their Lordships.

      I think it right to remark that the subjects of the United States of America have not yet availed themselves of the privilege granted to them by the Convention of 1818, of drying fish on that part of Newfoundland lying between Cape Ray and the Rameau Islands, nor have I learnt that they have had any fishing vessells on that coast, though they continue to prosecute their fishery on the Labrador with great effect.

I have the honour to be, etc.,                  

C. HAMILTON, Vice-Admiral.    



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