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No. 363.


Foreign Office,              
April 23rd, 1879.  
      I am directed by the Marquis of Salisbury to request that you will lay before Sir Michael Hicks Beach the accompanying translation of a note from the German Ambassador, in which he enquires whether Her Majesty's Government would make any objection to the establishment of a German Consulate in Labrador, and whether, in case of their not objecting, they would approve of the appointment of M. Bourguin, President of the German Moravian Missionaries. His Excellency also enquires whether the Consulate might be placed at Nain.
      I am to call attention to His Excellency's request that an early answer may be returned to his note.
I have, etc.,                              
(Signed)   T. V. LISTER.   
The Under Secretary of State,
          Colonial Office.

No. 364.                                         N


Translation.                                                                  German.
German Embassy,      
April 18th, 1879.  
        The Secretary of the German Moravian Fraternity has applied through me to the Foreign Office at Berlin, to solicit the appointment of a German Consul in Labrador.
      The following reasons seem to favour the institution of the Consulate. The Mission of the German Moravian Fraternity consists of about forty German Missionaries, who wish to retain the German nationality for themselves and their families. Now, the fulfillment of this wish would be very much facilitated by the appointment of a Consul, and the Missionaries would thereby be released from many a difficulty. At present St. John's is the nearest German Consulate, but there is no regular postal communication between

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that town and Labrador, the Consulate there is of no use to the Mission. Moreover, there is no official at all of any kind in Labrador, so that it is impossible to obtain legally valid papers. Only lately it happened that a Missionary in Labrador was unable to make arrangements concerning a small estate in Germany, because he could not procure in Labrador any document that the German authorities would recognize as a general power of attorney. A Consulate would also be very serviceable for the issue of certificates of births and deaths.
      Before an answer is returned to the application from the Secretary of the German Moravian Fraternity, the Imperial Government would be thankful for the favour of a communication from your Excellency, stating whether there is any objection on the part of the Royal British Government to the admission of a Consul in Labrador. At the same time, I would enquire of your Excellency whether the eventual appointment of Bourguin, the President of the Mission, would be approved; he was born in Livonia on the 26th of November, 1833, and whether the Royal British Government would be satisfied if the seat of the Consulate were at Nain. An answer to these queries would be considered a favour.
      As there is direct communication between Europe and Labrador only once a year, and the ship engaged therein leaves the German coast on the 15th of June, I would respectfully request your Excellency to oblige me with a reply as soon as possible, so that the appointment of the Consul may, if feasible, be made before the departure of the ship.
With the, &c.,                         
(Signed)   MUNSTER.
The Marquess of Salisbury,
                         &c., &c., &c.



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