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No. 360.



No. 45.                                                         Govt. House,
28 June, 1845.   
      The Bishop of this Diocese having apprised me of his intention of visiting the Western Coast of this Island in the course of the present Summer & of his expectation that he will be solicited by the Clergyman & Congregation of the Bay of St. George to consecrate the Church which has been erected in that place, an application which he should feel himself embarrassed in complying with under the circumstances in which these poor people have placed themselves without some authority from me.
      I have accordingly placed in the hands of the Bishop of which I have the honour to enclose a copy & in which your Lordship will I trust perceive that I have endeavoured to avoid any direct recognition of any Settlement, viz. Her Majesty's Subjects on that part of the Coast otherwise than as fishermen resorting to it for the purpose of exercising their concurrent right of taking fish during the season, and I am quite convinced that not only will no umbrage be taken by the French authorities of this proceeding but that they will hail with satisfaction any measures on the part of those of this Island which may tend to establish any thing like control over persons who have, as they believe, placed themselves beyond the reach of all laws, human and Divine.
      With regard to that part of the Coast of Labrador which is included in my Commission as Governor of Newfoundland and its Dependencies, I have abstained from including in it the Warrant to the Lord Bishop as well in consequence of the uncertainty which he feels as to whether it be that his Commission should be coextensive with mine. Labrador not being named in it, as from my own recollection that before the erection of this Island into a separate Diocese, that of Quebec extended and included not only the whole of the Coast of Labrador but all the Hudson Bay Settlements and those on the Western shores of Davis's Straits.
      This however is at present a matter almost wholly unessential as there is no considerable settlement of British subjects, except those of the Indians, & those of the Moravians on any part of the Labrador Coast, which accordingly the Bishop does not propose to visit.
I have &c.                
(Signed)    J. HARVEY.   



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