The Labrador Boundary

Privy Council Documents

Volume III

[6 Sept.,

[28 Sept.,

[14 Sept.,

[1841 (?)]  

[2 Sept.,

[3 Oct., 1854.]

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No. 357.




      It is hereby mutually agreed between Thomas Reeves of the one part and Francis Quirk of the other part as follows. Thomas Reeves and Francis Quirk to be in partnership on these terms, all expenses to be equally borne between them, and done to be equally divided by the salmon and fur to be delivered to C. and E. Hunt and Company on the same terms as Thomas Reeves former agreements with C. and E. Hunt and Company.

      Given under our hands at Dumplin Island this 6th day of September 1831.

THOMAS X REEVES                     
   Witness.                                               his
ED.  HENLEY.                         FRANCIS X QUIRK
      Copy of Thomas Reeves' agreement for 1828/9/30/1.

      This is to certify that it is hereby agreed between Arthur Hunt and Thomas Reeves to the following effect, namely, Arthur Hunt does hereby agree to give Thomas Reeves the right of fishing Sand Hill Brook on the following terms, that is Thomas Reeves is to go there and take charge of the place with everything that may be there. (Inventory to be taken of the same) taking care of the same and keeping the place etc in thorough repair and fish the brook to the utmost of his ability. In consideration of which the said Thomas Reeves is to be allowed in account one half of the salmon that may be caught provided the whole of the salmon so caught is delivered without any embezzlement whatever to Arthur Hunt or whom he may appoint. It is further agreed between the said parties that the expenses attending fishing the brook, such as nets, twine, and cordage shall be equally divided, also one man's wages and provision which Arthur Hunt is to send there the summer to help fish the said brook. Respecting the winter, Arthur Hunt allows the said Thomas Reeves the use of the traps that may be there, or so many of them as he may want on the following hire, namely one-third of the fur that may be caught provided also the whole of the fur is delivered to Arthur Hunt for any default or non-

p. 1238

performance of this agreement the said Thomas Reeves binds himself in the penal sum of £100.

      Witness his hand at Dumplin, September 28th, 1827.

THOMAS X REEVES                     
Continued for 1829/30/31.

      It is hereby agreed between C. and E. Hunt and Co. of Sandwich Bay of one part and James Edward of the other part, that C. and E. Hunt and Company shall let on hire, and E. and E. Hunt and Co. of Sandwich Bay do hereby agree to let to James Edwards for five years from the date of this agreement the salmon fishery in Paradise Brook with the houses, nets, and other property mentioned in the inventory at foot on the following terms.
      The said James Edwards shall properly fish the brook for salmon to the utmost of his power and keep the house, craft and other property in good condition, the expense of keeping the same in repair and of providing for any new craft, such which may be found necessary shall be borne one third by C. and E. Hunt and Co. and two thirds by James Edwards.
      The whole of the voyage to be delivered to C. and E. Hunt & Co. who shall be allowed one-third of the same for rent of the post share of the expenses etc., James Edwards to be allowed in account for the remaining two thirds of the same price as C. and E. Hunt and Co. give their other dealers.
      In case either of the parties wish to determine this agreement they shall be at liberty to do so giving six months notice to the other at the end of which the place shall be given up to C. and E. Hunt and Co.
      C. and E. Hunt and Co. shall also supply James Edwards with goods for trading with the Mountaineers, the whole produce of which shall be delivered to C. and E. Hunt and Co. who shall allow James Edwards for one half of the same at same price as given to other dealers, the other half of the produce to be allowed C. and E. Hunt and Co. and the expenses of the trading to be divided equally between the parties.

      Dumplin Island, 14th September 1833.

JAMES EDWARDS.                          

p. 1239

[NOTE.—The following agreement was apparently made at
Dumplin Island in 1841.]

      It is hereby agreed between C. and E. Hunt and Co. and Henry Ferris for the latter to go to Eagle River the winter and there build a Salmon House, and preserving House etc. and recover the Dwelling House, the Salmon House to have a good loft and be made perfectly tight in the roof and sides of the loft, the preserving house to be build as large as possible a loft and partition to be put in the Dwelling House and the whole to be finished in a strong and workmanlike manner, in consideration of which Henry Ferris is to be paid by C. and E. Hunt and Co Ten Pounds sterling and provided with Provisions, Nails and Board, the latter to be sawed by James Martin and Ml. Turner. It is further agreed for Henry Ferris to fish in White Bear River the Summer for Salmon one sixth of his catch if it exceeds six tierces to be allowed C. and E. Hunt and Co. as hire, if less than six tierces nothing.
C. AND E. HUNT.    

      We, Robert Clarke and Richard Kennedy do hereby covenant and agree with Messrs. Hunt and Henley of London their heirs, administrators, and assigns, to rebuild their room situate in Peckham's Tickle and last occupied by Nicholas Kennedy and to have and hold the same for the term of Seven years from the day and date hereof and to pay the said Messrs. Hunt and Henley their heirs, administrators, or assigns the sum of Twenty shillings yearly, Newfoundland Currency or produce to that amount as rent of the same, and we further agree to keep the aforesaid premises in good repair during our occupation thereof, and to quit the said premises (if required) on the expiration of the aforesaid term of seven years in like good repair.
      In witness whereof we humbly set our hands and seal this Twenty Second day of September, the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty three.

ROBERT X CLARKE                    
Witness                                 RICHARD X KENNEDY
      JOHN H. COURSENS.                          mark

p. 1240

      It is hereby agreed between John Lethbridge and Messrs. Hunt and Henley the said John Lethbridge agrees to cut 2500 Turn of Firewood or more at Eagle River to have assistance in hauling it out of the woods for which he is to receive Five Pounds (£5) per M. The said Hunt and Henley agrees to ship him from the Fifteenth June to 15th September following as an able seaman for which he is to have Six Pounds Currency per Month and two quintals of fish.

CARTWRIGHT 3rd October 1854.      pp HUNT AND HENLEY



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