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No. 343.



His Majesty's Brig Clinker,           
Ivertoke Inlet, 24 July, 1821.
      I arrived in the entrance of this Inlet the 12th inst., having but light and variable winds from our leaving St. John's, passage extremely difficult from the quantity of ice on the Coast, had we not run inside the Islands from Spotted Island to Ivertoke, we could not have proceeded, as we skirted along 30 miles of field Ice, and I found after anchoring at Grady Harbour, one of the Islands at the entrance of the Inlet, farther to the Northward navigation yet unopened. From the 13th to the 23rd I have been employed in ascertaining the extent and source of this Inlet. I run up in the Brig 140 miles from N.N.W. to W. & S. distance across from 3 to 20 miles in widest part, thence I proceeded in a shallop (which a Canadian Merchant kindly offer to accompany us) with Canoes to the source, where we arrived at a Grand Waterfall or rapids, one backing the other 90 feet high. I have had communication with the Red Indians, at first they hid themselves from us, after a little coaxing and as far as we were able gave them to understand we came to assist them, they became in a short time familiar, next day I prevailed on them to come on board, 7 Canoes of them visited us. I regaled them with plenty of beef, pudding and grog, three accompanied us up the river, 50 miles from the Brig. The Canadians have extensive establishments in the Salmon fishery, but their principal gain is the Fur Trade with the Red Indians. The Fishing (Cod) Establishments up the river for 40 miles are numerous principally Americans for the Season. I am now at Anchor, in a place called the Narrows. I expect to be enabled to proceed for Port Manvers about the 1st August. This goes by a Shallop to Sandwich Bay for the first conveyance.

I have the honour to be, Sir,
Your most obedient humble servant,
(Signed)   WM. MARTIN.      
To Sir Charles Hamilton Bart.,
      Commander in Chief.
            &c.       &c.



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