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No. 341.


RECORD BOOK, ST. JOHN'S, NEWFOUNDLAND.  Volume 31, page 182.

By His Excellency Sir Charles Hamilton Bart., Vice Admiral
of the White Governor and Commander in Chief in and
over the Island of Newfoundland & its dependence &c.

      Whereas many complaints have been made to me of improper practices in the mode of conducting the Salmon and Herring fisheries on the Coast of Labrador, particularly in Sandwich Bay, I the Governor aforesaid do publish the following regulations, and hereby order and direct that the strictest attention be paid thereto, by all persons whomsoever resorting thither during the fishery season.
      Nets whether for taking Salmon or Herring are not to be laid down within forty yards of each other. Salmon Nets laid down at this distance are not to exceed thirty fathoms in length, nor Herring Nets twenty fathoms, otherwise they will be seized, and not permitted to be laid down again until reduced to the proper size, but this is not intended to prevent nets of any length being laid down at such a distance from others as not in the least to interfere with them.
      Nets are not to be laid down after Sunset, nor hauled before Sunrise, observing the following stated hours for the time of the rising and setting of the Sun viz.—
July  Sunrise .. .. .. ½ past 3.
       Sunset   .. .. .. ½ past 8.
  August Sunrise .. .. 4 o'clock.
        Sunset   .. .. .. ½ past 7.
September & as long                           
            after as the fishery       Sunrise, 7 o'clock.
           may continue to be      Sunset, 5 o'clock.
governed by Sunrise                   
and Sunset.                                

      These regulations are applicable only to such parties as intermix in fishing. The proprietors of settled fisheries are at liberty to lay down their nets in such manner. as they may think proper, but it is strongly recommended

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that not any nets should be down between Saturday night and Monday morning, in order that means may thereby be afforded to a portion of the fish to get up the River to spawn.
      In order to prevent disputes respecting the settled fisheries in the said Bay, I do hereby further also order that no strangers shall lay down their Nets within three miles on either side of the boundaries of Rivers fished by the proprietors so long as the said proprietors shall actually continue to fish the same, and I do further establish the boundaries of the undermentioned Rivers as follows viz.—
Eagle River, Eastern Boundary       ..   Coopers Island.
                    Western    do.          ..  Separation Pt.
  White Bear, Eastern Boundary     ..  Separation Pt.
River    Western    do.         ..   Dove Pt.
Paradise River, Eastern Boundary   ..  Duck Island.  
                        Western do.      ..  Red Island.

Given under my hand at Fort Townshend St.
John's, Newfoundland, 15 June 1820.         
By Command of His Excellency
          P. C. LeGeyt.



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